I wish I came with better news

I had really hoped that I would be able to jump back on here today and tell you all good news, but it's quite opposite. I decided when I started my last period and found out I had not ovulated yet that I would spend a little extra and buy an ovulation test. I ended up getting the smiley face on friday and saturday so hubby and I got busy. My husband just finished his 2nd month on clomid to help his sperm counts. We had really high hopes that it would work for us, so as we attempted to make a baby this weekend, we had really high hopes. Getting that smiley face was a huge boost for us. Well, here is where the bad news comes in, we went to the eurologist today to get the latest results on his swimmers since he finished the meds. NOTHING HAD CHANGED!!! I took the lab slips over to my OB so they had them on file and I just broke down. I couldn't be strong anymore. Seeing the pain and dissapointement in my hubby and knowing I couldn't do anything for him, it killed me. I had already accepted that I would have issues getting pregnant because I didn't take care of myself for so long, but I wasn't prepared to deal with my hubby having issues. So, seeing that I was emotionally distraught, my OB's assistant got me in to see/speak with my doctor. He assured me that this isn't the end, we still have hope. He wants my hubby to go back to the eurologist to look more into my hubby have a vericose vein in his testes. He thinks that by repairing that that we will see better results. There should be no other reason for his counts to be so low. My doctor even offered to do the procedure with the Eurologist. He recommended that we do IUI this next cycle while we wait for the eurologist and the vericose vein correction. He said we only have money to lose. Thank goodness it's only $90 in office and $90 at the lab and I won't have to do any drugs. I just wish things were easier. This sucks!!! Part of me still holds out hope that perhaps we would end up pregnant since we timed things perfectly with the test. I wish I could help my husband feel better about his situation too, he's so depressed today.

Anyone else go through this? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm just feeling really crushed today.

Thank you!

Nikki, thank you for opening up.  I know how hard it is to not come on here with good news thats for sure.  I know it is hard to stay positive, but don't give up.  It's hard to see the silver lining but the excellent news is that you ovulated!  Thats like more than half the battle around here...so great news there.  As for your husband, yes I can only imagine how powerless you must feel and especially around men and their "stuff" I can only imagine he's feeling pretty low too.  I would just show him your support and thank him for being a trooper while you worked on getting ovulated and youll be a trooper while theyre working out his count thing.  I've also been trying to do normal couple stuff since we got into all of this infertility crap to try and get the focus off the trying and focus more on us as a family...committing to make dinner at least twice during the week so we can sit down together and talk, helping out with some of his chores, writing notes, sending silly or sexy text messages during work.  These things sound normal and obvious but I wasnt doing any of this because I was so focused on the appointments, the scheduling of meds, the scheduling of sex, etc...that I lost sight of the important us time stuff too.  

Anyway, i hope this helps some and hang in there, I'm here!  I have my appt on Friday to see if the 100 mg clomid worked and I am dreading it and cant wait at the same time.  What a weird feeling!!


Thanks girl. It has definitely been a trip. Like my OB said yesterday, sometimes in life you are thrown curve balls, you just have to figure out how to hit them. Well I don't know about you, but I wasn't very good at baseball so this game of "life" baseball isn't any easier. :( Thankfully for me, I have never had issues with ovulating, I just learned this month that it wasn't when I 'thought' it was by following my bodily fluids (if you want to call it that -sorry if that's TMI). When I used the ovulation test, I was shocked to learn that I ovulated later in my cycle. I ended up ovulating 21 days after the start of my period and I thought I had at least a week prior. Shows how much I 'thought' I knew my body. Lol. For us, it just sucks to watch another opportunity pass us by. I was told to be done with whatever amount of kids I'm having by the time I'm 30 and I just turned 27 in December and we want to try for 2 kids -I'm clearly running out of time. April will be a year since we were cleared to start trying.

I'm seriously praying that we end up being pregnant now or the first round of IUI. I don't have extra money or nerves for that fact. I'll definitely keep you all posted when we find out more.

Hi Nikki, I know I have had different feedback from different doctors about everything under the sun, including my age.  The one thing this whole infertility bout has taught me (no offense to anyone), is that just because someone is in the medical field doesn't preclude them from being biased or affected by old out-dated ideas.  I have had doctors tell me if I didn't hurry up and get pregnant when I was 25, my chances would be gone.  Last year around my 28th birthday, I had another doctor say something like oh dont worry about a thing, you're still very young.  So?

I wanted to post about my appointment yesterday-the clomid actually worked!  My follicles were 19mm and 17mm and I had a third that was smaller.  Anyway, she said to have sex Saturday and come back Sunday for the swab test.  I literally cried because I havent had good news, I mean not even a step in the right direction kind of good news in 8-9 months and I am so grateful.  Anyway, we're going to have sex today because I have a commitment tonight and don't want to do it too late...keeping my fingers but not legs crossed over here ha!

Hope you and your husband are well

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm starting my period today. Had some spotting early this morning and I'm a little crampy and definitely more moody/emotional and just all around blah. I know this means that we get to do the IUI next and stand a better chance of getting pregnant but I just really wish things would have worked naturally this time. I'm tired of playing this waiting and guessing game. I need some positive in all the negative that is going on in my life right now. Wahhh. Sorry I'm such a negative nanny today. :(

Nikki, it seems like this whole journey has been a waiting and guessing game!  Hang in there, and know that there are options for couples like us that arent always successful the "natural" way!

It is quite the waiting and guessing game. : ( I did start my period and I cramped the whole 3/4 days I had it. Ugh. I never do that and it was so annoying. I called my OB when I started and he told me to start the ovulation test and as soon as I get the smiley face to call his office and we will have to take the semen cup to the lab so they can do the sperm wash then head back to the OB and he will do the procedure. How awkward, I'm being impregnated by my OB!? Haha. It sucks that we are having to fork out an additional $200 for this but having a baby is worth it to me. I've been so blue lately. I wish we could go start the adoption process so I could have a child to keep us busy and keep our minds off of the pregnancy issues (for now). We also need to call the eurologist back so we can get a consult and start planning the vericose surgery for my husband. We will stand an even great chance of getting pregnant if we will get on that. Oh man, so much, so little time and so little patience left. Wish us luck! : /

Hello all. I have had diabetes since I was a teenager and am in my 30s now. I am about to start my first round of Clomid. I was reading through this group and the threads. Any good news from you all?

I am finally 9 weeks pregnant!! We had to go through with IUI and it worked our first time. Our cycle was with no drugs seeing that my body was operating as needed, it was just my husbands sperm count. I wish you ladies all the luck!

I am finally 9 weeks pregnant!! We had to go through with IUI and it worked our first time. Our cycle was with no drugs seeing that my body was operating as needed, it was just my husbands sperm count. I wish you ladies all the luck!

Nikki!!! That is wonderful news! Congratulations!!! Please, keep us updated in the other group!!