I wish my husband could be a T1 for just one day!

I am so tired of my husband saying....Why are you testing yourself again??? Didnt you just do that and then I say yes but now I feel low or high!!! Why are you giving  your self another shot???? Because I ate a little bit more than I planned on. Why are being such a jerk??? Because my bg is so low that I cant think straight!!!!! WAKE UP...your sweating on me!!!!! Im sorry I was having a black out....could you bring me some juice please?? Just one day I would like for him to know what is going when it comes to being a T1!!!

I know you are just venting here, but I think you should talk to him about it. He won't understand unless you tell him what's going on. Men are clueless sometimes until we tell them what's on our minds. Good Luck! I am sorry about your situation.

This is the second post I've read recently about spouses like this.  I have nothing helpful to offer, except it makes me want to slap them.  Hard. 

To quote Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon." 

Hes really not that bad....I just wish that he truely understood it. He knows that Im a T1. we also have a T1 son. He trys to get it but he will never be able to get it because he isnt a T1. He is a wonderful husband and I actually wasnt venting....I just wish that he knew exactly what it is like :-) 

There is a really great idea I've heard some people use where nondiabetics fashion a "pump" out of a juice box (I know you take shots, but it gives the same idea) and have to wear a rubber band on their wrist and smack themselves with the rubber band each time they pretend to "check their blood sugar."  If you have a spare meter lying around, you could ask your husband to check himself a few times a day and see how he likes THAT.  I know there is much more to managing type 1, but maybe that can give him a taste.  :P 

Good luck!

LOL that is a great idea Hayley!!!!

I'm sorry he is not more sympathetic :( I know my husband who has T1 probably wishes a lot of people could be in his shoes for a day. I think it's very important that he be supportive of you, especially about checking your bloodsugar! I've been through some crazy lows with my husband but I tried to always think about it this way: no matter how scared/annoyed/embarassed I am...he is having it a lot worse than me- I have no way of knowing what a low blood sugar truly feels like, but I can't imagine it's anything less than awful!

My husband actually was "diabetic for a day-" three days actually. When we got engaged, he wanted to understand everything about it and be able to work with insurance companies, doctors, etc. At my next endo appointment, he came along, and they set him up on a pump for three days. He had saline but still had to check his blood sugar, count carbs, and bolus. Since his numbers were never out of normal range, whenever I went high or low, he had to treat for it, too. It definitely made an impact, for both of us. He really does understand what I go through now, and I can't ever say "you don't get it," or "you try it," because he has. It's not quite the same as living with it every day for the rest of your life, but it made me really appreciate him for wanting to understand.