iBGStar meter for your iPhone/iPod

hey everyone! im new to Typeonenation and hope i post this in the right forum lol

recently my mum got me a meter called iBGStar for my iPhone, is this tiny little thing that you plug into the bottom and is amazing it has stats and does alot of cool stuff when you check your bloods, i really like the trend chart on the app you download for it and i was wondering if anyone else has got one or tried it? 

is only £24 pounds from boots on a offer and i think is a bit less too if you say is for medical reasons since your diabetic 

i just wanted to share cause im quite excited about it and had heard people talking about it before :P

Let me know how you like it.  My son is interested in getting it - they gave a few away at his camp this summer!  Maybe I will get it for Christmas!  :)

is great! only problem is cause is new not many places has the strips for it, i can only get them from boots&amazon we've asked the doctor but the reps have only just shown them it! lol i hope as it gets popular it'll be easier to get hold of strips. i think your son would like the little kinda show it does when he checks his BG while is plug in, is the coolest metar i've had even better if it did connect with my pump :P