Ice hockey players?

just wondering if there are any ice hockey players with type 1 out there.. i haven't started playing yet since i've been diagnosed and was looking for ideas...

Yeah I have Type 1 and play hockey for the Lexingtong Lightning. I have been playing since I was six and being diagnosed with Diabetes hasn't effected how I play the game at all. I think that you should play hockey, I really love it, and the hockey community is usually pretty friendly.

i dont play hockey but i am a figure skater at an intense level so i can help you to - for me what i sometimes do is i give insulin as if i wasn't going go skating then i nibble on fruit to gos every 1/2 hour or whatever, sometimes i give 15 carb snack as a freebe as i go then continuously check my sugar then again have fruit to gos or granola bars - i have a pump and if u ever get one i HIGHLY reccomend this you use your long acting insulin still because you will unhook alot and will miss your basal and your sugars will be high if u unhook alot. Also if you get good sugars while you skate but after you skate your really high dont panic it happens to me all the time it's called an exercise high where the adrenalin makes ur sugar high, be careful on what you correct beacuse 2-3 hours after my sugar will go down at really fast rate - i dont know if this will help you but i hope it will :)

I play ice  hockey will i just  started to play  again this season that just  pasted  i am so  glad  i am playing  again  i love  hockey so much  having diabtes and playing  make  it bit harder but  you  still can do it . dont  let  diabtes  stop you  from doing  any thing  you  want to do.

Yup. I play ice hockley too. I have played since age 5 and diabetes hasn't changed anything except made me more self aware while playing. My skill level has gotten better and not been efected. Hockey is a great sport and the exercise really helps with your control.

Tonight is my first game night with Type One.

I've played competitive ice hockey for 23 years and this is it, I finally get to test my blood-glucose levels during a game! This is truely an exciting event.

Thanks to everyone for their input on this forum and other exercise forums. I have been with high b-g reading for nearly 48 hours, not sure if its from starting the new job or this upcoming game. I'll test after the first shifts and then after each period.

I plan to tell my whole team in the dressing room about my D and I will have gatorage and 3 energy bars along side my meter.

Keep your stick on the ice!


All went well, we lost the game, but it was a hard fought battle.

I checked right before the start, after each period and all of my reading were around 175 (or about 9.5mmol/L).

My recipe: Ate a big dinner 3 hours before, sipped on Gatorade (about 300mL) and slowly ate one Glucerna Graham Snack.

Now it is late and I am going to drink some corn starch mixed with choco milk to get me through the night.

I also got a tip from my sister, since this was my first game while on insulin, I have set my alarm to wait me up for a B-G reading at 3:30am.

Here I go...

i've been playin hockey since i was 6 and i've had type 1 since i was 11 so if you have any questions i'll do my best to answer.  Just let me know.