Ideal (or favorite) blood sugar reading

I think each of us has a special favorite number (or two) which makes you smile when it magically pops up on your blood sugar meter.  Mine is "88" because it's on the low end of  the normal range and it's also the number of keys on a piano. 

100.  I take a picture of my PDM everytime I get one of those.  :)

82 is what I used to like because that is what my husbands is almost every time I test him!  Now that I am out of the honeymoon stage and take way more insulin than I used to...I like to see 100 even because it feels safe.

6. cuz it's not high enough for me to give a correction dose, since i have to be at least 7 to get 1unit :)

Haha. I always like it when I'm 104, just because that's always the number on the advertisements for glucose meters. It makes me feel like I have the perfect number. (=



I agree that 100 is my favorite. I'm "perfect" and don't have to worry I'm going low in the next 30 minutes.

110 is a nice safe number for me :)

below 5.5 but above 5 because it means Im in the lower half of my target range.

I like 100, it's kinda like getting 100% hehe.

98 gotta love 98...its not 100 so its not a perfect score but its better to be unique than perfect :P

98..gotta love it..

I've gotta say that I like 100 also!

111.... is my favorite.I know that with a reading I feel amazing and I like all the 1's



Besides my keyboard only has 61 keys and thats just a little too low.   Although I probably wouldn't feel much!

92 i love being that number its not low and it definently not high wish my blood sugar could be that without a pump but i guess thats life

whenever im 92 i feel amazing!!!!!

164 because its not too high but not low. also because in type 1 and 64 is the year the beatles came to america

120, I truthfully don't feel safe under 100. I need to learn to feel safe at 80 or 90, but I just don't. I correct when I'm at 80 b/c I am hypoglycemiaphobic =)

"HI", because I think my meter is just trying to be nice to me...just kidding.  101 for real, I think, "100 is perfect, therefore I am better for perfect."

Also, I have never actually had a "HI" reading.

I'm a number nut!  I like any double digits 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99. (i started those in the 40's cuz i haven't been in the 30's or lower in forever and even 44 and 55 are scary enough) being a perfect 100 is fun, and i like 123 cuz they're sequential.  and 143 is my favorite.  217 makes me smile cuz it used to be the number in all my screen names, but that's kinda high!  And I don't like getting