Ideas anyone?

Our family and friends are entering a float in a local parade again this year.  Last year, the theme was 1970's, and we created our float with colorful JDRF shoes and played the song Boogie Shoes during the parade.  We distributed info about our areas upcoming walk to cure diabetes, as well as info about JDRF and type 1 diabetes.  We like to capitalize on any chance we have for advocacy, awareness and action relating to type 1 diabetes.  This year, we are participating in the parade again, but the theme has us stumped.  The theme is OIL 150, as a tribute to the fact the first oil well was drilled in our area 150 years ago.  Our chamber of commerce suggested that we do anything having to do with events that occurred 150 years ago.  Ugh!  I would like to do something with more impact as it relates to diabetes.  Some thoughts were:  150 faces of children, 150 reasons for a cure, the number 150 as it relates to diabetes management  (150 finger sticks in a week, 150 insulin administrations in a week, etc).  As you can see, we're kind of stuck!   Please, please give us some ideas for great visual impact, as well as awareness!   Thank you for your help!

wow! thats so cool that you do that!

as far as the theme goes... I don't know.

Hmm, maybe you could have some of the interesting accomplishments of diabetes research over the past 150 years and then have the float say like "Imagine what we could do in the next 50! Donate to JDRF" or something?


Just a rough idea, hopefully someone will have a better idea, but good luck

Boy, that is a tough one.  I like the idea of 150 years of progress....   Not sure if it's helpful, but attaching a research timeline.  Incredible, the progress we've made.  Good luck to you--I like the idea of any float with JDRF stamped on it  :-)  lori