Ideas for covering Dexcom G6 while showering

My 15 yo son diagnosed 1/19 just got his Dexcom G6 and a friend showed us how to wrap it (upper arm) with Coban during showering. Problem is, he struggles to do this by himself and doesn’t need any new frustrations associated with T1D, Does anyone have any tips on an easy way for him to independently cover/protect the Dexcom during his shower?



Just curious why you wrap it with Coban? The sensor is waterproof so no need to cover it up for showering as far as I am aware. My sensor lasts the full 10 days this way.


I have the same question as @Mjhaskin-- why is it necessary to cover the sensor? One of my favorite things about the g6 is that it’s waterproof.

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More of the same here :slightly_smiling_face:. I overlay the Dexcom with a Skin Grip adhesive patch to make sure the Dexcom adhesive doesn’t come loose. You would need to put that on your son’s arm for him, and maybe replace it after 6 or 7 days if it starts to come loose. Skin Grips are about $20 for a pack of 20.

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Thanks guys! We are just so new to this and were doing what a friend of a friend whose child has a Dexcom suggested. His first one lasted the full 10 days and we just applied the 2nd one. I’m glad to know that no extra steps are needed to protect it while showering.
We have clear patches from Dexcom but I think I’ll get the Skin Grips to try as well. Thanks!

No worries!! There is a wealth of information here. I was thinking afterward it could also be different if he is active. I’m a bit of a slug at the moment. But in the summer when I am more active and sweat, I sometimes need something extra to keep the Dexcom in place.

Hi Mollie @mollie1, unless, and until, your son has experienced difficulty with the sensor and transmitter staying put, I would advising using anything in addition to the sensor’s adhesive. Anything / everything extra he applies has potential for adverse reaction. I use the G5 sensors and have never experienced adhesion difficulty - in fact, I’ve had difficulty loosening the edge of the sensor pad to pull the thing off.
As for getting the sensor / transmitter wet, that is covered several places in the User Manual - I have had not had problems with swimming of soaking in our hot-tub.

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Where do you get skin grips? Between Houston humidity, 90-min workout and showers I need all the drying help I can get! and on Amazon

Thanks a bunch. Just ordered!

6 years with G4 and I might have had 3 or 4 times when I’ve removed the transmitter to dry the contact area and then press transmitter back into locked.
Sweaty Houston summers caused loss of tape adhesion until I started using SkinTac. Still the edges will sometimes start to peel up so I just add a tad more SkinTac on loose edges to get me thru extended use days.

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