Ideas for low carbs breakfast


my son is taking cereal for breakfast every day. lately I found the two hours window doesn't bring his sugar down to the acceptable range. any good ideas for breakfast?




Are you adjusting your son's morning short acting insulin to cover breakfast?  I usually need a little extra to cover ceral (I use a different carb count in the morning).

Cheerios don't skyrocket my blood sugar, but you may need to experiment and find what works for your son.  Also I'm lactose intolerant so I use just a tiny bit of milk on it.  

A lower carb breakfast is diet bread toast with peanut butter (slices are thin).  My blood sugar does well with english muffins too.  

Hard boiled eggs are a fast, no carb breakfast.  

You can get low carb yogurt and add some berries like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries. (2c=15g CHO)

it's also important to prebolus if you can. How long before the meal are you giving the fast acting insulin? When we have time we vary this depending on what number our son is at. If he's high we try to wait as much as 30 minutes. If he's at a better number we'll wait 10-15, less he's under 100. We also get him to eat some protein before the carbs to slow things down. Things like sausage or eggs (which sometimes requires negotiation).

p.s. the other thing you can do is try to reduce the glycemic index of the cereal by finding one that has whole grains in it and/or a bunch of fiber. Make sure to subtract the fiber from the carb count though.

lately we are tying to wait for 10 mins before he starts eating dinner. Morning is a different story, since we don't have time, we usually just let him eat right away. His sugar in the morning most of time is 6-7 (100-130).

Getting a reduced glycemic index cereal is a tricky one because he only likes few high GI ones. It is hard to ask him to switch. We had negotiations with him before, ended up he refused to eat what I have picked for him.

6-7 is a great starting point at breakfast.  If his after breakfast number is too high, then maybe consider increasing his short acting a bit more to cover what he eats.  Also, make sure you are waiting a full 2 hrs from the time he finishes eating, not from when he starts.  Even checking 15-30mins early can make a big difference.