Hello All,

My name is Nicole and am I am new to Juvenation.  I am happy that such a site exists!  I am the aunt of a beautiful 10-year old with T1D.  I am currently a graduate student studying Clinical Research Management at Arizona State University.  In my program we are challenged to become innovative leaders in an area of interest to us and my passion in T1D.  I want to help my niece in any way that I can.  Thus, I was wondering if any of you have innovative ideas for reserach projects that I might be able to pursue with funding from my university to help you???  Please contact me if you have ideas, interests, questions, etc.  Thank you and I wish you all the best!  Take care.

Most  Sincerely,


you might try posting something in the main forum area...research rumors doesn't get that much traffic/reply action.  If things haven't changed much you should get plenty of responses to surveys posted or linked to in the main area as well.  Glad to see active researchers around :)