Identification necklaces? -ally


I have been looking for a long time for the "army" style identification necklaces. Im looking for a good web-site were I could personalize one with my diabetes info on it. If you know of a good website or store that would ship them please let me know! THANKS!


Hi Ally -  the one I use is Medic Alert.  Here is the link for their basic collection and if you scroll down to the middle, you'll see the dog tags.  They have one in silver and one in black.  Think they are $9.95.   I just like Medic Alert because they will keep all you info - Parents numbers, Emergency numbers, what meds you are on etc.  I have never needed it, knock on wood, but I call every year to give them my updates etc.  I'm sure if I'm alone, paramedics will know from the tag, my name and what I have and a phone number to get all medical and emergency info.  Hope that is kinda what you are looking for.  Good luck in the search!

THANK YOU... thats exactly what Im looking for !

-ally <3 

Medic Alert does great work in some areas. I don't care for many of their designs or prices though. However, the data storage and stuff is really key. I have a bracelet from N-Style Id and am currently looking for another one to add to my collection. Just need to think about it. They have a nice selection of Dog tags, along with other ones as well. Here though is the link for the dog tags.