If I Could Play

So I'm not the greatest at this poetry thing. I've been writing for... forever. Not literally, but pretty darn close. I am, however, still working on that 'words' part. Still haven't quite figured out how to put everything, especially diabetes, down on paper. But that's getting easier here on Juvenation, I've noticed.

I've already posted this in my blog, but I figured it couldn't hurt to post it in the poetry group forum... at least I think that's where it will be posted. Ha, I'll probably be wrong.

Any who. It surely doesn't measure up to all the beautiful poetry I've read here online, but it plays around with the idea of getting to be diabetes-free for a day, like playing dress up and simply getting to be someone else for a bit. It reflects, obviously, on how I feel about diabetes on occasion. Not sure, either, if anyone else feels like this. But I hope you enjoy it, anyway.

If I Could Play

If I could play,
Could I go first?
Would you stand guard,
And protect me from the worst?
If I could play,
Could I pick the game?
Would we play dress-up,
If I asked you just the same?
If we could play,
Could I be in your skin?
Walk a step in your shoes,
And see what it's like to win?
If we could play,
Could I live a normal day?
Could I dress just like everyone,
And be the same in every way?
If I could play with you,
Could we forget real life?
Could we leave behind reality,
The strength, battle, and strife?
If I could play,
Could I go first?
Could we play dress up?
And leave behind the worst?


Huzzah! I posted it in the right forum!!

i like!  i like!  it's simplistic, but awesomely simplistic.

omg this is amazing!
i can totally relate.
and i would give anything to live a day without diabetes.
but then i would want it to stay that way forever.
anyways, this is great!

That was great!  My son, Noah (8yo) has been feeling woes of his diabetes, too!  He really likes your poem!