If You Are A Mom That Has Type 1 ,And Has A Child With Type 1

This question is coming off DiabetesNewsHound post about age and passing on type1 ( after age 25,the chances go down).so I am just asking since my daughter has type1 and will one day want a family.I would still tell her never to let numbers decide on her timing to have children. Question..Did you have your child before the age of 25 or after the age 25  ? thank you..

Hi meme,

I'm type 1, my son (knock on wood!) is 13, and is not diabetic.  I am just curious, "after age 25, the chances go down"... does this mean if the mother was diagnosed after age 25, or does it mean if she gives birth after age 25?

Thanks, just wondering, I'll try to go find the article =)

OK, nm Meme, I found the article, it's giving birth.

hi Sue :) if you want to link it,that would be great..I type out links and sometimes they work and others not..I thought of something...I should ask... if you are a child with type 1 ( I call everyone a child-you could be 100 )  and your parent was type 1---did the parent  have you before the age of 25 or after the age of 25 ??? thanks ...

my mom had me before she was 25 and my grandmother had her before 25 as well



I'm still unable to answer your questions, as I was adopted.  My family medical history records show no history of diabetes, only Epilepsy & mental disorders...LOL!

Hopefully the link works, if not, anyone can cut&paste it into the address bar to read the article.


Were they both Type 1's?

I was 30 when I had my oldest daughter and 3 years later she was diagnosed with type 1.  I now have a second daughter that we watch closely but so far no signs.  I have never heard that age has anything to do with it. Something to research i guess.


I was dx at 10 years old.  I had my first daugter when I was 21 and my second when i was 24.  They are now 8 & 5 and they do not seem to have any signs that they are going to develop it. 

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Were they both Type 1's?



No. There's no known family history of anything diabetes related on either side of my family for the last 3 generation

I never knew about the under 25 thing until I saw that article, but it's still not a huge risk of passing it on.  Many endos / OB's also encourage T1's to have kids before they turn 35 due to the risk. Apparently, 25-35 is the time to do it, as if life will work that perfectly around those plans!

I had my son when I was 30, and my endo is encouraging us to hurry up for our second. But, I'm planning on waiting until I'm 34 1/2, lol. Can't afford another right now and am also enjoying being out of "baby mode" for the moment. (:

My father is T1 and he had all 3 children after he was 25.  He had my sister and brother before he was diagnosed.  I was born the year he was diagnosed (he was 31 when he was diagnosed).  I'm the only one with T1 (diagnosed at 3 years old).  I had my son at 28.  He's almost 8 and so far he's non-diabetic.