If you use the Libre2 system & use private insurance, how do you access supplies?

I’m participating in a research study with Stanford University called “The Overcoming Barriers and Obstacles to Adopting Diabetes Devices (ONBOARD).” This study investigates barriers to CGM uptake in adults with type 1 diabetes (https://onboardstudy.stanford.edu/). The study provides a free, 3-month sensor supply.

I’m beginning the process of getting a prescription from my endocrinologist to continue using the Libre2 system once the 3-month supply ends. I have private insurance.

If you use the Libre2 system & use private insurance, how do you access supplies? Do you get them from a local pharmacy? Order from a medical supplier such as Edgepark Medical Supplies (https://my.edgepark.com/diabetes), A Plus Medical Supply (https://www.aplusmedicalsupply.com/), etc.?

I spoke with a customer service representative at Abbott today, and they weren’t able to help me navigate my insurance benefits.

Thanks so much for your help!

hi @lmacuff this isn’t an exact match to your specifications, but for what it’s worth: I am shocked the sales rep couldn’t help you, but you are not out of luck. Once you get the script you can ask your pharmacy coverage provider to “price” the “medication”. (yes they use this language - don’t make the same mistake I did at first when I replied - “but it is not medication”… IMO, just play along and read them the script) for example I use express scripts for CGM supplies and I can simply ask them what the coverage, formulary, and my out of pocked it and they tell me. Typically, but not always, CGM are pharmacy benefit. cheers good luck!

Hi Lisa @lmacuff. I don’t have health insurance, but I buy my Libre 14 day at Walmart. I would just contact your Insurance company and ask them. If they cover it, you should just be able to go to the pharmacy of your choice.

FWIW, I use Dexcom with Freestyle as a backup, but I can say Freestyle is the only one I’ve seen available at my local pharmacy. My pharmacists have been pretty helpful overall when it comes to coverage and availability so you might check there. Otherwise I go through mail order for my Dexcom and pump supplies.
All the best to you in your search and on your research!

Hello Joe, good morning!
Thank you for sharing your experiences. I, too, was shocked that sales rep could not help. Next time, I might ask to speak to someone else, perhaps a supervisor. I’m especially grateful that you shared the language with me: “price the medication.” That helps a lot. I know have language, tools, and ideas to use when I approach suppliers! “What is the coverage, formulary (drug list), and my out-of-pocket.”

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Thanks, Courtney! I’m so grateful for your experience and advice!

Good morning, Dorie! I didn’t realize the Libre2 might be available at local pharmacies. I called my pharmacist, however, and she was super helpful! Thank you!

Great news! Glad to hear it!

When I first started using Libre, I paid privately for them at the Pharmacy since my prescription coverage did not cover it. Then someone on my medical team told me about Edgepark and they helped me get coverage through medical insurance, as Durable Medical Equipment. Now I pay nothing.

Hello @Ritabw thank you for sharing your experiences. When I learn the experiences of others, I feel more hopeful because I learn there are options. Thank you so much for choosing to share with me!