iLet Insulin Pump Cleared By FDA

To make MDI easy to manage I kept my carbs low mainly by eliminating chips and switching to low carb bread that is high in fiber. would replace pizza dough with a mozzarella/almond flour dough or put shredded rotisserie chicken in bottom of a oven dish and load it with sauce, toppings and cheese. Other than that I really didn’t change much else with my diet as I’ve always enjoyed eating lots of meat, veggies, cheese and nuts. My only weak spot for chips is tortilla chips with salsa which I’d have about once every week or so.

For training the iLet I went back to my usual 40-45 carb meals, however I never calculated it until after I was initially diagnosed. The only outliers were the protein and veggie dinners that would have a smaller amount of carbs or eating pizza that was loaded with carbs.

I do buy a live 1400-1450lbs angus steer every year and split the frozen meat with 4-5 other families. Do the same with hogs, but as they don’t need aging a friend and I cut/wrap and freeze it ourselves. My wife is also not much of a pasta fan so that part of my diet has been limited for the 20+ years of our marriage. Given the above, we don’t eat out much as we love cooking our own meals.