Im 15 years old, and about 30 lbs overweight HELP

im a 15 year old girl but it seems like no matte what i do its not good enough. i workout almost everyday atleast 30 minutes, im on a pretty strict diet, and im athletic...but all of this isnt enough i really need help this is making me pretty depressed.

Don't be depressed, it's life. Trust me things might look bad but being healthy is all that is needed. BUT you can start using weights, (building muscle which will then get rid of fat.) But the only thing i can really say is start running. 1-2 miles a day IF you don't already. But trust me i'm 200(ish) pounds and i'm 19, and only 5 foot 9 so i'm pretty short. But as long as you FEEL healthy it is all that matters.

Don't get discouraged. EVERY single thing to lose weight is all about TIME. It could take some time for you to actually lose weight. But it's the awesome journey to get to it that makes it fun. So have fun with your health journey and don't get sad about progress. I was one of those who got sad about being over weight but now i just don't care as long as i FEEL healthy and my numbers and everything are doing great then i could care less if i am bigger or not.

This is all just a GIANT mental game. Over come it and enjoy life. (Hope this somewhat helped i know i went WAAY off topic there...)



Trust me I know exactly how you feel! You just need to keep going and not get frustrated. You should probably contact your doctor to see what is going on, it could be something else that isn't letting you lose the weight. We are here when you need to vent!

Hey Jessica,

I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling with weight.  BUT I think Jared nailed it by saying that it's all a mental game.  If you eat healthily and exercise, you are already going in the right direction.  Even if you can never reach your "ideal" weight, you will still be a healthy person.  Pretty much everyone struggles to accept what they look like because they think that if they look a certain way, they will feel good about themselves.  Though you may not be happy with your appearance, I'm sure there are things you do that make you feel good about yourself - like exercising, having fun with your friends, doing something you love.  If you think about those things instead of your appearance, you can ignore what you think is negative about yourself (which probably isn't even what others are thinking!)  

Have you spoken to your endocrinologist about this?  I know there are other diseases that can cause weight gain, like hypothyroidism, which is more common in people with diabetes because it is autoimmune as well.  Talking to a nutritionist about your diet is also great because you can confirm that you've been eating what you should to try to lose weight in a healthy way.  Don't lose hope...some solutions to problems are harder to find, but there is almost always a solution within reach! 

Hi Jessica,

    Everyone has given you great advice; that you should always strive for health and happiness whatever your weight, and it is just a number.  BUT, I know how you feel, sometimes you know all this stuff is true and you'd still like to look the way you want to look, and it's hard!  After you make sure you don't have underlying medical issues, (because thyroid really will mess with your weight) I can tell you that the ONLY thing that has ever helped me lose weight is RUNNING (and specifically, distance running)!  Fork over $20 for a Runner's World subscription because they have great advice for beginners, and add running to whatever exercise you're currently doing, because it can get boring.  An iPOD is absolutely necessary. Two miles sounds like a great distance to start with if you're not used to it, and work up to longer distances.  Maybe plan for a road-race in your area as a goal.  And give it a month or two before you decide it doesn't work.    When I started, I didn't lose weight for a couple of weeks, then it just started coming off.  I've been running now for, well longer than you've been alive!  (Now I'M depressed!) ;)


I have had type 1 for 13 years now (now 33) and never before my diabetes did I struggle with weight.  Now, it's a constant companion.  I have lost 25 lbs since January on weight watchers and it's been the only thing that has worked.  I've tried symlin, low fat vegan diet, lots of exercise, different kinds of exercise, and none of that worked.  Combo of weight watchers and working out has been my answer.  I know it's not for everybody, but after years of struggle, I feel like I've finally found a way to manage my weight.  

I hope this helps, I feel your pain.


I know how it is to be 15. I am 15, for a while I was the same way but than I lost 9 pounds I have only put 5 pounds back on so far. You really just need to find a plan that works for you.