I'm A Little Chubby

So yea im a lil chubby lol. and im trying to find a diet plan that will work for me or a program i could go to...by the way im 16 5'5 and i live in michigan

Hi shariece, I know how it is. I am 15 5'6 and a little chubby. I have been doing the same thing for the past 2 years i think. But I have gave up on finding a diet plan, I am just going to talk to my endo when I go and see if we can't come up with a carb intake for everyday. By the way I live in Michigan too.

Simple as this, Walk or Run... Eat a BIT less then you normally would.. And have a POSITIVE mindset. Don't get upset or stressed out. Feel healthy and just enjoy the feeling of being active. Diets do work, but if you don't workout at all then you aren't using your body.

in 5'4" and im a tad chubby too! its just one of those things us diabetics have to deal with.

Have your endo check to see if you dont have a issue with your thyroid. I do and its sooo easy for me to gain weight if i forget to take my medicine!

I'm 5'4" and I'm a lot chubby. I love my squish :D

I'm 5'4-5'6 (yeah i really don't know..somewhere in there) and i'm also a lot chubby. Don't focus on a diet, they don't work. eat healthy and exercise the "excess" pounds to tone them/turn them into muscle. you'll still have the pounds but you won't feel like it and you'll feel healthy which is most important :)

I am a little chubby too. But this actually had to do with my diabetes. All my life I've been "a little overweight." I had wayyyyy too much water weight. Then last December, I went to do the hospital because I was retaining too much water in my ankles, legs, stomach, face..etc.

The doctors thought it had something to do with my kidneys. While waiting to go under for a kidney biopsy, I had to take these pills that made me "excess" the water out of my system. Nothing wrong with my kidneys, but I do have to stay away from salt.

SO, from my experience, try to stay away from salt. This includes all the unecessary junk food (chips, fries, etc) and soup, any frozen meals because they contain HIHGH SODIUM. Even those lean cusine meals that stress weightloss. Trust me, they make you gain water weight.

Eat less, stay on your feet more.

You can do it! :)

Lots of people don't like to hear it but stop eating red meat. You'll naturally eat more proteins which feed your muscles, making you gain less and carry less fat. I don't eat any meat and I eat whole wheat instead of white flour (in breads, pastas, muffins) and my weight doesn't fluctuate anymore. And I still eat chips and chocolate all the time. And walking helps. I walk my dogs. And instead of milk which has carbs and fat in it I drink unsweetened almond or coconut milk. Coconut milk doesn't have the vitamins almond milk does but it tastes so yummy.

im 6 feet tall and not chubby but i live in michigan... and would love to talk bout anything