I'm a Livabetic...that has the Betes!

Since going to camp maybe some odd 10 years ago, I'll never forget the day that one of the medstaff decided to tell all the diabetics at the camp that they had the BETES!! And boy did it stick with us...

- For the rest of the week, we went around saying we don't want to Dia-Betes, but LIVE-Betes! We still use it today, and even one of my friends made a skin for her pump that says it now. I guess a slip on the be half of the medstaff turned out to be a way for us diabetics to unite and make diabetes something silly.

So no i don't have DIABETES...I have the BETES....and no I am not a DIABETIC....BUT RATHER A LIVABETIC!! Because that's what I am going to do...Live my life!!!

lol, at my camp theyre was a cabin that called them self  " da-beats" it was really random... Im not sure if this matches what ur talking about, but it came to mind when i read your post

Haha. My first year at camp, they sold some bracelets in the camp store that said "Down with da 'betes!" Haha. I loved that bracelet and wore it non-stop for over a year, until my sister broke it. )=

That cracks me up.  I bet it even funnier when you say it out loud.   :-)

LOL....my BFF sarah says i have DA-BETES, instead of DIABETES she's really funnyy <3!!!!! andd lots of people in my cabin at diabetes (or should I say LIVABETES!!! hahahahaha) camp this past summer usedd to call it just plain BETES!! I LOVE saying that and i use it all the time. it sounds much better than diabetes!!! =D

I've heard alot on this site that I 'have "livabetes"'  and nothing could be more true!  :D