Im a pumper now!

I got my pump on at 11am today :)

I am officially a pumper!!!

I am not soo sure how i feel about it yet ... but im sure i will end up liking it!!

I have been catching myself looking for my shots and needles and then im like ohhh yaaa i dnt take shots anymore and it makes me smile! Im so glad everyone convinced me to get the pump!

I had my first freak attack with the pump about 10 minutes ago... i checked my bg and it was 68 and then i went to bolus and it wouldnt let me so i freaked out and called my mom and she reminded me that i still could and helped me out!

Congrats Amber best wishes with it.

I met a lady two days ago who after being a T1D for 14 yrs just got a pump and is loving the flexibility and control.

I would be interested to hear how you go, as I am looking at getting hooked up soon too.

Congratulations I got mine  a little over a month ago and I love it! I really hated the  shots and this is great! You will continue to love it

Why were you bolusing at a blood sugar of 68? just curious?


Congrats on pumping though which pump did you end up getting?



Good for you Amber - you will do great. 

yay! welcome to the club! lol

Congrats!  Pumps are awesome :) :) Yeah, if you use Medtronic it will warn you to retest/not bolus if you are low and check for ketones, etc. if you are high.  You can still bolus though, if you are eating enough carbs. 


i just got my pump 3 months ago and i love it. there's been times when i wish i could just rip it out and go with out it for a day or so. getting used to it came easy for me. the day after i started i felt really sick, like i was constantly low that shaky feeling, but my Dr said it was normal so dont worry if youre not feeling so hot tomorrow, just get some rest.

i checked my blood sugar so much at first, but theyll cut that down too and youll know what your body needs without having to look it up.

getting used to sleeping with it, and changing it on your own might take a while, but youll get used to it. i clip mine onto my tank top when i sleep and put a shirt on over, just cuz i had the problem with tugging on it. i got really sick last month and had a cough attack and ripped it out at 2 am. ever since the shirt is my best friend lol.

i have a problem with dropping my pump when im changing or what not. it doesnt hurt though! just a tug. FYI lol.

also if you have the problem with it not sticking for the full 3 days. i bought this stuff off animas for like 10 bucks its sticktac or something, it works awesome, better than IV Prep just takes longer to take off.

good luck!! let us know how things go!! when i first started every time i needed help or didnt know what was normal, i posted something. everyone on here helped me so much, so dont be afraid to come to us :)

good luck!

 Congrats Amber!!! I'm getting mine on Monday to play with it and learn about it and then getting it on on Tuesday at 3!!!! I'm super excited right now at least, I hope they excitement stays with me when I actually get it!!! :)