I'm Addicted :(

To sugar free popsicles :)


How bout you...what are you addicted to?

most definetly addicted lol its not a bad thing i live for them!!!

Nuts... especially almonds and walnuts.  Low carbs but very fattening.

Paul me too. Its horrible.

Diet Coke and Juvenation...

I'm with Alyssa, I'm addicted to Juvenation, LOL.

Apple juice and diet dr. pepper too.

I'm with you all on the diet soda. I keep trying to stop but I CAN'T...

(I think I posted I was giving up diet soda and fake sugar a couple weeks ago ... still hasn't happened...)

Sarah, I gave it up for a month when I was in a compitition with my friend (which I won, by the way, although she denies she ever cheated >:P). It was horrid :D Kidding. Kind of. Soda just isn't the same as it used to be, so.

I forgot about them- I am going to buy some tomorrow.

addicted to too many peanuts as a snack.

We diabetics have weird eating habits and snacks.

adams peanut butter. sometimes when i woul d have a low blood sugar while on shots, i would eat it plain just to get some protein. i think that was mostly in the middle of the night or the morning. but  there hasnt been any in the house for so long.

i love chocolat milk

I eat pb for protein all the time!

[quote user="Alyssa"]

I eat pb for protein all the time!



yeah, but do you stick your finger in the jar and lick it off you finger. and your finger has to be absolutly covered!

Haha I used to do that with sugar before I was diagnosed lol! No, but I do what my family calls "Spoonful of Peanut Butter" (which doesn't sound that creative until it's reffered to as that always, as in "Can I have a spoonful of..."), so we each have our own pb habbits :D

ur not alone....i stick my finger in the peanut butter jar too! its usually only when im low in the middle of the night and i feel too awful to get up and get some crackers or something to go with it. Almost anything sounds good when its two in the morning and ur at 57 :)

Reeces Peanut Butter if anything. yummmmm. I can eat that all day....kinda.

Sometimes if im really low ill eat too much peanut butter and then ill wake up in the morning with a stomach ache and wonder how i could have eaten so much of it and still enjoyed it....then i wont eat anymore pb for at least a couple days haha

I keep a jar of PB at work with a spoon beside it!  It is my fav for a quick bite.

As for addicted, does it have to be food?  I'm addicted to that stupid dice game Farkle and the cable show Weeds


Oh yum!

Lori open game on addiction. just no stupid stuff like drugs of course. :)

Alright, "PB people".........I drive 25 miles for my son's favorite peanut butter.  There is this store that has a machine that grinds peanuts fresh into a container.............The container is WARM when they hand it to us!!!  Now, stick your fingers, spoons .....into that.......who would like a container?  You are making me hungry!!!  :-)