IM back

some of you guys may know me from when i was on here awhile ago but i realized i do alot better with my diabetes when im on here soo yeah plzzzz add me and lets tlk :)

Hi AmberMarie, welcome! Your signature makes it sound like you use an insulin pump? Is that right? Is your pumping going well? I hope you will tell us more about yourself. Ask all the questions you want, you can get tons of help here.


Hey, I saw that we have some stuff in common.  Your birthday is the day before mine, and we're from the same part of the U.S.


Welcome back to Juvenation!

welcome back, amber! i think this is the 3rd time i've told you that! haha. but we're always glad to have you here :o)

Your Birthday is the same day as mine, as well as diagnosis year lol

Hello Amber, welcome back.

Sam - I don't have anything in common with Amber, but you live where I was born and lived most of my life.  My son went to Camp Sweeney in the mid to late 90s.  Isn't it awesome?  I consider it to be hallowed ground.  A marvelous place run by amazing people.  Anyway, just had to say that.

Whoaaa alot of people have feb birthdays! thats awsome!!! and yess im back for the 3rd time.. both two times my profile locked me out. but yess add me and send me messages