I'm basically new to all of it i was diagnosed back in december

when i first found out i was really scared but now it doesn't seem as bad i don't think

but i was wandering if the pump is way better than shots, because i'm so scared to get a pump then screw everything up, i still have two more pumps before they will consider me but two months can go by really fast and on another note sometimes i just want to like right a huge freakin poster and put what diabetes is because i'm tired of getting asked just like the other day a random kid saw me at lunch getting my medicine out of my back pack and was like is that a needle!?!?!? i mean come on dude

oh and does yalls school make yall test and do ur shot in the office and how does ur school cafe. accomidate u?

my school has us test in the nurses office and do shots there and stuff and so its all good... but ik what u mean about the needle thing...i eat dinner at my church evry Wednesday and who evr doesnt know me or doesnt know i have diabetes is like "is tht a drug!!!???" i mean y would i pull tht out at church??

brandon i have the pump and seriously, soooo much better then shots. I used to get so many littlered spots all over and i hated it. It was the most embarassing thing to go to a pool partty and have sports on my stomach, and arms, and legs, and back. i hated that part. But idk if you any have that problem. so I would deff get consider the pump. I have the Animas Ping - btw, best pump ever.

People are so freakin stupid. Someone asked me if i was shootin up heroin?!?! like are you kidding me??? I got so mad. i was was like it's a freakin insulin shot!!! And then there were all these stupid rumors about me doing drugs. I seriously started to cry. I had to check my bg and give insulin in the nurse's office before, but now i only go there to check my sugar, and give insulin with my pump whenever and wherever i need to. So i really like that I don't have to give a shot in front of people anymore.

I've had diabetes for a year now, and I still kinda consider myself a new diabetic, and you've only have it for like 4 or 5 months. So I kinda no what your going through right now, I'm kinda going through it too. i just got the pump 2 months ago. Don't worry if things get worse, cuz they can only get better from there.


well its crazy because my nurse is never there so i don't know why i have to go into the office i mean if something ever did happen its not like they could do anything, i gave them the papers the hospital gave me but its not like there going to no when something is wrong or if i do something wrong, then today i almost lost my medicine and meter, i told the office and they started to freak out the nurse was there though so she was like tell me if u fidn it, and then the principle was like did someone steal it, that part was funny because he was like how did u lose it and crap like that i said i ate lunch and took it back with me and he was all yelling at me for no reason

sorry your reply is on there but i don't know ow to do it without just clicking reply


I was diagnosed on May 18, 2009 and had a chance to get a pump in December of that year. I decided to stick with the shots, and there is a major reason why. Just having to carry a bag everywhere with all my diabetes supplies was hard enough. With a pump, it would always be attached to me and every minute would remind me that I have diabetes. I don't like to make diabetes my main focus in life, even though it is what I deal with everyday. I live in Scottsdale, AZ where during the summer, we can swim outside. Having a needle flying around in the pool is something I don't like the sound of. Hope that helps in your decision to get a pump or not.

Pumps aren't that bad. Now most pumps are very user friendly making it hard to mess anything up. Also most of the pump infusion sets have and inserter built in so you don't have to mess with a needle.

i felt the exact same way before getting my pump. It seems scary at first.... but its amazing!

I go to a private school and they let me test and give insulin anywhere in the school. I think its wrong to make kids go to the office and handle there diabetes there only. i hope you decide to get the pump, its the right choice for anyone!

-ally :)


I have had diabetes for 13 years and for 9 of those years I have been on a pump. I am so glad I did. I'm one of those people who don't like change so when we were trying to decide to get one I was nervous but I am SO glad we did. It changed my life for the better. Although, yes, as Alex says, it is connected to you all the time I don't agree with what he said about it making diabetes more of a focus in someone's life. I gave me more freedom to focus on other things rather than always on diabetes. I would suggest to anyone to get a pump. I have had the Deltec Cozmo for the past 5 years. The first pump I had was a Medtronic MiniMed  and personally, the pump was find, but the costomer service was aweful, maybe they have changed since then, though.