I'm curious: how much insulin do folks go through in a typical day?

being a teen and a chef and loving carbs is hard. so i tend to eat a lot or eat less depending my mood and how i feel. and when im low and eating something small, my body wants more and more food. more carbs so i tend to eat more than required for the low. then i end up paying for it later and fixing the high blood sugar i caused. and being a teen and hormonal makes my blood sugar high often so i bolus a lot. And i love my food and so i usually have 1 or two servings at dinner. I usually skip breakfast and sometimes lunch and i know its not really good for me. being depressed and staying in bed a lot has effected me a lot and my body. by body ends up storing the food thinking its fat since after i eat i lay down. im. not active. no im not overweight but im not happy with my weight either. I end up putting around 50 units a day. not counting overnight doses to keep my blood sugar level.

Hi @EvieFire . I’m about to stray slightly off topic but since describe yourself as a chef - Iron Chef Ann Burrell: former Sous Chef to Chef Mario Batali; Co-host of Worst Cooks in America (that’s more my speed😊); judge and participant on various network shows and cooking competitions (to name just a few professional accomplishments) - is also aunt to a nephew who has Type 1 diabetes and she is a diabetes ambassador - you might want to check her out and follow in her footsteps.
Here’s a link if you’re not familiar with her. Rock your kitchen Evelyn!

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