I'm Going on Vacation this week

Hey everyone,

I will be going away for business this week July 22, 23 then leaving for California and Las Vegas on July 25 - August 3. I will have limited internet access, so if I am not posting that much or you don't see me around that is why. I will let you know if someone will cover for me while I am gone.



Have great time. We'll see you when you get back !!!

Have a fun vacation Gina !!

Have a great time Gina :)


I wish you much fun and profit on your travels...  Remember to come back, eh?




Enjoy your trip and enjoy Vegas. Don't bet it all on red though. Hope all goes well and you have someone to fill in for you while you are gone. I mean yo being gone until August 3rd is a long time, who will I pick on?