I'm going to be a mommy!

On December 17th, I'll be bringing home a fuzzy, four-legged little puppy named Lola :D

I'm so pleased for you!

What a cutie-pie!

Ahhhh how cute. Enjoy mommyhood  :)

Awesome news C.  Dogs are the best. 

Take him/her to dog training at PetSmart or something like that.  It really helps both dog and owner to relate and get along peacefully!  That's my advice.

Have fun.

Thanks everyone!

DDrummin - I already have plans to take her to obedience classes! I had my other dog for 12 years and the only trick I could teach her was to "sit" and she was 8 years old before she learned it. Haha. I'm going to start earlier with Lola. Because I'm not working right now, I plan on spending a lot of time on training so that she will be well trained whenever I have a job and have to be gone all day. Kind of sucks I'm getting her during winter - it's going to make housebreaking a bigger pain.

So dang tiny and cute! Congrats.

Congrats C!!! I will be picking my puppy up tomorrow!! We are naming her Gemma!!


Awww she is adorable.  The first thing I did when I finally got my apartment and could afford it was get the pug puppy that I always wanted.  I love him.  It's so great having a dog.  If I'm having a bad day he is always there to cuddle up next to and make me feel better.  My husband actually works at Petsmart so we took him to puppy training there and I would have to say that it definitely helps.  The most important thing that I have learned is to be consistent.  My pug, Apollo, is a year and a half now and he listens very very well.  Good luck with your puppy and enjoy her!

bahahaha, gina! pink puppy belly! that's pretty much adorable. 

thanks everyone :D i'm really excited!

that's a cute stuffed animal. now where is this Rottweiler you said you were getting? 

Awww, both puppies are so cute!  I'm jealous, I want a dog.  It's not practical right now, but when we get a house, it's the first thing I'm going to do!

Have fun!


C, are you going to buy her some of those cute dog clothes? Lol.  Enjoy your new puppy : )


OMG, the cute!  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  *head explodes from cute overload*

(Also, prepare for your life, and home, to be turned upside down!!!!  :)  )

Orange - the vet told us we'll have to buy her a sweater because she can't handle the cold. We had her over to our house on evening to visit, and when we brought her in from outside she was shivering uncontrollably. The same thing happened with our last dog too. They're just big weenies in the Iowa winter :o) When she gets here and we can gauge her size better, we'll get her a sweater but probably nothing else until she's done growing. My other dog had all sorts of Halloween costumes and sweaters and ridiculous things I dressed her up in :D

[quote user="C"]

They're just big weenies in the Iowa winter :o)


Lol. You could always buy her a doggie snuggie to use in the house too : )

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What kind of dog is she? I think she is very cute.

HAAAAAAAAAAAA! doggy snuggie. that's hilarious.

she's pretty much a mutt. we know for sure her mom is a maltese/yorkie mix, but we don't know who her dad is (she was a puppy mill puppy and was rescued with her mom and 3 siblings, but the dad wasn't at the mill). we think he might be shih tzu, but don't know for sure. her fur is a little wavy, which confuses us - so she could have some sort of poodle or bichon in her. who knows. i just call her adorable :o)

I got Lola tonight! I've already dressed her up and put bows in her hair. She's already mastered the art of walking backwards and looking adorable. She's pretty overwhelmed and has spent most of the evening sleeping in her kennel. Here are a couple pictures I thought I'd share! I'll post some better ones once she's a little less scared of her new home :o)

This is her in her little pink sweater. She's all fur so the sweater squishes it down, then it explodes around her butt and neck where the sweater ends. Hilarious! She shivers uncontrollably when we take her out in the snow, so we bought her a little sweater and wrap her in a blanket when she comes inside.

All decked out in pink :D

Pretty much the cutest thing you ever saw :o)

That's my baby! She likes to bury her face in the blankets.