Im hungry

Yeah my husband and I talked and we are figuring out how to get her in sooner than later. We are going to do that H&R block thing to get a advance on our taxes. Then just keep all that money to afford these trips and such.

That seems so much easier or less strict than what we are doing now and makes since to me. Thanks.

Hi Jess,

How are you guys holding up so far? We had a fun evening and brenna went nuts with the cookies, and cake... lol and i think michael was off on the carb counting by a couple carbs, but she went to bed tonight at 200- which i think is a miracle in itself =)

I was reading the above post, and i hope it wasnt too confusing.

Our correction dose is 1 unit of humalog insulin for every 30 carbs that Brenna eats.

Also read your response to the post and am happy for you and relieved that you and your husband were able to come up with a plan of action.

I can pretty much guarantee that it gets easier when you have a great support system.

Knowing that my daughter's life wasnt sitting on my shoulders was also a HUGE relief to me.

Education and understanding is KEY!

were you able to look over the GL monitoring excel spreadsheet yet? again, feel free to call me if you need some help filling it out. i still have to enter Brenna's records for this past week so that I can email it to the team at our children's hospital on sunday.

thinking of you guys


Yes I looked at it and thank you. It looked pretty easy but I just glanced at it with so much going on. If I get hung up on it I will call you thanks for the support.

Well Santa filled her stocking full of beef sticks this year and more. Make up, smooth aways (she has started puberty already and her hair is getting dark, she hates it) bath stuff and hats and gloves to make up for no candy this year. I know next year will be easier but guilt set in this year in a big way there.

I cant wait to go to the endo and get on a different plan. To get more education and support.  Riley was over 200 last night at 2 a.m. still. She was over 300 at one point yesterday. She wanted to test more often. I hate the highs now too but our case manager is saying dont worry about them right now. We are still working on getting them down. I thought it was going to be really hard to get her to do this herself but she is already a champ at checking her own gl.


I know from an individual with T1 basis how trying to find an endo can be demoralizing. I can relate to the whole weight issue in general. In days gone by, like the stone age, if I weren't T1, my particular metabolism would be a distinct advantage, especially during a famine. Now? In a period where I'm in good, stable control, I don't feel hunger or need that much in terms of calories.

When I exercise, however, the amount of intake in terms of calories has to go up, enough to remain stable but not enough to throw highs into the Requirements of Existence. Insane hunger, for me, comes with instability in levels (or recovery from instability). When I reach stability again (and it's easier me...I'm 33 years old), the hunger and eating goes away. It's like chains falling off. With high blood sugars all of the time, or a severe shock of some kind, all manner of interesting and frustrating metabolic  situations happen.

Out of control, I am controlled by hunger. Also, T1 interferes with sleep, which in turn interferes with metabolism...I don't know what it is like to be a parent of a T1 at all. I know what it's like to choose between gas and food. I also know what it feels like as one person to have inadequate or even non existent medical care. I know what it's like to not have insulin.

I'm sorry that you are going through something that sounds much worse. I hope it gets better soon. I can't say anything more than that because when it comes to your experience, I am completely ignorant. You're a T1 parent, however. In my eyes, you are a hero.


Thank you. I just see myself as doing what has to be done. I have had to choose between food and gas too well for myself. I have skipped meals to feel my kids and will do it a million time over to feed them. Things are mostly good but from time to time we find ourselves in a pinch this is just one of those times.

Jessica,do you think there is any help out there you could get-to get through for now ? I wish there was something-I will ask on the forums.....................

I cant find anything that will kick in right away. I think once she goes back to school I will ask. They have social workers at the schools and everyone is more than willing to help us anyway they can. Hopefully they know of something I cant find with my searches online.

Hey, Jessica,

I hope you guys had a good holiday.  It's a really tough time, the first month or so, but it does get better, so hang in there.

When our son was diagnosed, the hospital endo put him on a "fixed" plan similar to your daughter's.  When we met with our current ped endo, the first thing he did was put our son on a flexible program; a fixed dose of Lantus in the evening, and Humalog at meal and snack time based on his BS level and carb intake.  He has to take more shots, but this BS control is much, much tighter, and we don't have to limit how much he eats.  How many calories and carbs a kid needs to eat varies so much from day to day, week to week, etc., it just seem like a flexible insulin program is the best way to go.

I know you're totally overwhelmed with information right now, but if you're able to squeeze in a little reading time, I highly recommend the book "Think Like A Pacreas" to get a clear idea of the various insulin programs out there.  It helps demystify what we are trying to an externally controlled pancreas for our kids.

Chin up.  Deep breath.  You're doing great, and it's going to get better.

Mo :)

Thanks Mo, I will look the book up on amazon right now and add it to my wish list so I wont forget what its called.