Im losin not gaininig and its killin me

i have a problem that all im doing is losing the weight not gaining any of it and im tryin to make sure i eat and tryin ways to gain but cant can anyone help me with this problem. i am really depressed about and and at times just feel like giving up and just at a loss on wht to do.


I lost a ton of weight when I was first diagnosed (at age 13) and I was pretty under weight until I was about 20.  Some of that was due to what I wasn't doing management wise and some of it was due to other factors.  For me the combination that worked was keeping my blood sugars on target and hitting the weights.  The trick for me was extra egg whites in the AM with my breakfast with the workouts.

I would also remind you to be patient with yourself.  You’ve had this disease less than a year and  from what you’ve written, you haven’t let it push you off course at all…  You are doing a lot of good work, relax and give the results a little time, eh?

I am sure there will be plenty of folks who may have better plans for the gain – but I did wanna’ offer my two cents… 



In my first year I kept losing weight as well, they wanted me to gain...and put me on a gain weight diet too, a lot of factors were that my  blood sugar control was still not quite there yet, but once we got my all day insulin right and carb to insulin ratios all set up, I started to gain some weight again.I haven't stopped gaining since then...

Now I am trying to lose all this weight and its like totally impossible...



first get a good handle on insulin and blood sugar control. 

then all you need is more food and more insulin to keep your sugar straight, the weight will come.

Most of us when diagnosed probably lost weight. That is due to the constant High Blood Sugars. I think pre-diagnosis I had lost about 20 pounds. You can gain it back sooner than you want. When your endo runs blood work have they checked your thyroid for Hyperthyroidism or some spelling like that? That happened to me the summer of my senior year. My thyroid went overactive and I literally went from about 170 to 120. That was not good. It might be something to have checked at some point if your doctor has yet to do it.

Some people's metabolism just seems to be like that. I've tried to put on weight over the past 40 years or more but have not succeeded. I'm the same weight now that I was when in my early 20's. No matter what I eat, or how much I eat, it makes no difference. My problem could be that I'm too active and burn it off as soon as I eat.