I'm newly diagnosed but I believe I'm healed by Faith

Anybody else think this way? I know I am a diabetic but I know God has a plan for me and he will heal me.

God Bless.

Type 1 or 2?

Because if you’re type 1, I’m certainly not knocking your faith, but doubt very much that God will deliver insulin.

If your car runs out of gas, do you pray for a refill?
Your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin; there’s no substitute for it.
If religious belief cured diabetes, there would be quite a few who are cured, right?

Good luck.

the 2 most important days of your life; the day you were born - and the day you find out why you are here. Life is a journey. good and bad stuff will happen to you: this is guaranteed. it’s what you do and the lives you touch that matter, at least, that’s what it means to me anyway. =) hope you are okay.

My personal journey has been more focused on looking at ways God has used my type 1 for good. Sure, this diagnosis is a struggle and can be overwhelming. But at the same time, having this disease has connected me to people that have been an incredible influence for good in my life, and has also given me the opportunity to have a new compassion and desire to help other people struggling with this disease. It has also made me more disciplined and changed the way I approach every day- I am so thankful that I live at a time when modern medicine has made this disease manageable when it used to be a death sentence.

I believe that healing will eventually come, but perhaps not while I’m still on this Earth. So I choose to do my best to manage my type 1 and look for a purpose even in the midst of the struggle.

Just my personal perspective :slight_smile:

I think it is wonderful that you have such strong Faith. But please, until your doctor lets you know that you no longer have diabetes and you have in fact been healed, please take your insulin and check your blood sugar. God doesn’t need to be tested to see if he will save you. So keep believing, but take care of yourself! :slight_smile:

Keep your faith and continue to think positively but while awaiting your cure; 1. KEEP UTILIZING INSULIN THERAPY, 2. KEEP CHECKING YOUR BLOOD SUGARS REGULARLY, 3. KEEP SEEING YOU ENDOCRINOLOGIST, and 4. MAINTAIN A GOOD DIET AND EXERCISE REGULARLY whether cured or not.

All the best,

Hello to you who has faith. I also believe that faith is very powerful, but you also need patience. I would love to pray for you, because there is strength in numbers when it comes to prayer and faith. If you don’t mind I would like to chat more as well.
God bless you,
Emily Dietler

RIP Joe Fitzpatrick. RIP Syble Rossiter.
God’s plan for you apparently includes type 1 diabetes.
Don’t let it shake your faith if the plan does not also include a cure.
And don’t let faith lead you into death by DKA. It’s a hard way to go.

Not saying your belief has merit or not but I’ve been waiting 34 years. Maybe you should prepare for the long haul.

Have you considered that t1d is Gods plan for you? How else would you desire to seek him out full heartedly or depend on him fully in your whole life? How else to have percected empathy for the suffering and disenfranchised? How better to be able to rejoice in the fellowship of his suffering? How else to have the means of ministering to the sick lost hungry and alone?
Each shot may be a thorn in your side but meditate on how you can thrive and form as a disciple, pauls thorn was not removed and he rejoiced in suffering. Jeremiah was not given reprieve from his plight, and yet declared Gods mercies are new each morning; in your new pain and challenge will you have faith powerful enough to say God is good all the time. Even if your faith was not a source of healing? Perhaps healing will come but perhaps great growth and spiritual formation and missional endeavours will come as well.
Intrract well with diabetes pursure proper management pray for the discipline to follow your treatment plan and in this pursue the faith that will still allow you to say and fully comprehend the goodness of God.