I'm not a Martian - Just Diabetic

Anyone else's medical ID jewelry turn them a martian-y shade of green? :D

hmm no. but i've had my bracelet for over 3 years. and its cloth and falling apart. any suggestions for a new, less little kiddish one?

No, but I do know what you are talking about. I use to have the cutest little peace sign ring that did that to my finger :)

All my jewelry does that to me -- it's so bothersome lol  My daddy says I just need more expensive stuff.... no arguements here haha

No Martian colors for me. If your daddy tells you that you need more expensive stuff, I would take it as an offer and ask him what he is buying you. The Medic Alert I got back in 1995 has yet to turn me any shades of green, granted it has seen better days, it is still alive and doing well.

hmm, funny... I'm usually a martian-y color of green... my bracelets turn me tan...


just kidding, but yea, that happens to me too

Alyssa LOL what kind of bracelet do you have? You need an upgrade for sure


I don't know, to be honest :D My daddy (harhar, it cracks me up when I call him that) bought it for me, so. Who knows? Maybe I am a martian, after all.

You probably need sterling silver

I won't object, that's for sure lol

The bracelets sort of a dad-me thing, that was random but I'm curious if anyone else is like that. Like he always helps me on/off with the bracelets, I think he's kept my old ones. I dunno. Random.

aww, thats cute! I wish I had a relationship like that with my dad

Yah.... its weird. I don't know LOL I sometimes wonder if my Mom feels left out :(

He just helped me switch wrists with it because its making me itch.
Yay, now I get two itchy wrists :P


Well you can always get an anklet for your mom or have her help you with something else. That way you can get the same love from both sides of the family and your mom does not get jealous.