Im out! haha

I'm gone for another "vacation" until the 27th but I won't be back catching up until the 28th. since i'm on here so much, though i'd give you all a heads up that i am in fact alive and well...just relaxing and away from the computer for a few days =p

Lucky girl!!!  Heading anywhere interesting?  as in, anywhere warm???


Well, I for one promise to miss you 'til your back :)

Have a great vacation (and bring back stories :) )



Have fun, Batts. :)

i've got an hour to kill until it's time to go sooo...


sadly Nads nowhere warm :( but it's about a 5hour drive and we're staying at an oceanside it'll be awesome. it's the end of their "storm watching season" so maybe i'll get some cool shots of the waves and surfers!


and aw, thanks A-D :)

Thanks Kim!


have a good weekend guys!

Enjoy your vacation Batts.  Just remember how much the rest of us are envious of you.  Can't wait to hear any interesting stories of your adventures.

Have a fab time!!!  Wish I was on vacay right now!!!

I'm back safe and sound!

We didn't really get into anything exciting, the weather sucked the only full day we had there =( poured the whole time, and then driving back we hit a white-out and had to drive like 40km/hr on a 90km/hr road...

i did somehow hit 25 our first night there, despite carb counting correctly and only mixing my gin with diet sprite =/ and then woke up the next morning fine, and then almost threw up my share of our $120 dinner last night =/ haha

it was a good trip though otherwise, really nice resort but i'm exhausted and still not feeling great.