I'm Participating in a Clinical Trial

Hi everyone,

As some of you know, I was diagnosed a few weeks ago on May 28, 2009.  Since then, my endocrinologist has mentioned a number of studies for me to look into, in case I was interested in participating.

I have chosen to possibly be a part of the DEFEND study.  I am leaving tomorrow afternoon for a "screening" appointment, where they will do a little bit of blood work, heart monitoring, and a mixed meal tolerance test (MMTT) to confirm that I would be a good candidate.

Just thought I would ask if anyone else has heard of/participated in/or currently participating in this study.

Here is the study website:

I dont qualify for most studies, but good luck with this!!

I also never seem to qualify for studies as many of them are looking for newly diagnosed people.  I just want to say thanks for participating.  I hope that all of these studies & trials eventually lead to something good for all of us.

Oh good luck!

Thanks for participating in a trial, even if its not directly related to a cure, every bit of information we get helps!

Make sure to tell us about it when you come back!

Hi Allen -  I've also had type 1 too long to qualify for this study.    Thank you so much for getting involved in it though.  Good luck. 

I told everyone I would write an update on this.  I went to the screening, did a MMTT and some blood work.  Funny thing is, though, they called and said that my antibodies test came back negative.  They said they have seen false negatives before, but it was rare.  So, at this point, I'm not eligible to participate in the study.  

I'm going to my endocrinologist tomorrow, so they can do some blood work to verify the trial clinic's findings.

What does this absence of antibodies mean?  Does that mean I don't have type 1?  I'm very active and not overweight...

Also, after doing the mixed meal tolerance test, I know that I definitely have...SOMETHING! (I withheld my morning insulin, and drank some sugary milkshake type thing and two hours later my levels were in the 200s)

Do some people not develop these antibodies until later...do all people with type 1 have this antibody?  So confusing...

thats sad you didnt qualify for the study :( my 2 cents would be that you could be in your honeymoon phase still idk it thats what it is but ive heard a couple og my newly diagnosed with T1 talk about it but havent really heard what it is and since i got T1 at 10 months i never heard about it myself or would even remember it but i hope that that helps in some way. thank you so much for you efforts in the trials!!!!

That is so strange b/c as you said, it certainly sounds like you have T1D! But, I don't know enough about these antibodies, i.e. when they show up, etc.