Im running out of site locations :(

I have been using my butt for the past year and a half because thats the only place I have fat...I never want to go back to shots its so much easier to be on a pump...its not like my sites are intrusive I use the minimed silhouettes 13mm which go in at a i really running out of time by staying in the same two 4inch by 5inch squares on my butt?


For me I used the silhouettes as well. I am guess you have less fat than I did, but you should still be able to get something in the love handle area of your body. Some people have used their legs, but that seems like it would be to much work and planning on anyone's part. I have one friend who due to lack of fat and constant sports, was using the polyfin needle. He said that he never really noticed the needle still in him and it gave him more flexibility. He again used his quads for an infusion site.

Otherwise my only suggestion is to fatten up!

Hi Greg,

Being slender with a pump can be hard. Have you ever tried standing up then leaning to the side you want to put the site on?  Maybe then you could pull enough away from your side area? I don't know much about the silhouettes, but I know that medtronic has some sets that are safe to put in your thigh, maybe that might help... :)

you must tell me more about this polyfin it a canula site? or what?

The Polyfin is an actual needle that stays under the skin. It has a quick release option, but is still a needle under the skin. You can get more information about it from the Minimed site, however it seems to be down right now, so I can't pass on a link or more information.