I'm sick of lows making me fat

I'm trying to lose weight but can't because of *!&% low's.....I hate having to eat when I'm not hungry....I hate those super sweet glucose tabs that have very little calories but make my eye twitch when I'm eating them because they are soooo stinken sweet.  I just hate how it makes you have to stop in your tracks and take care of it.  There are some lows where you can just drink a juice box and go.  Then there are lows where you get really confused and irritated and can see people's mouths moving but don't understand a word that comes out.  I'm so tired of eating when I'm not hungry.  I would love to be able to just exercise and enjoy the benefits of it rather than have to eat something afterward because of a low and feel like all my hard work was done for nothing.  There.  I'm done venting.          

I'm all with you on that one...

I've been trying to  drink a glass of milk lately when I have time to get it/not a super bad low, since I have low bone mass.  Maybe try to eat something with a nutritional value you could use better to make it feel less completely wasted?  I hate it too though...

I can toatally relate. I hate that when your not hungry but yout low you have to eat something.Sometimes i feel like i dont ave enough freedom.

yea... i had a problem with that too... but instead of eating i switched over to juice... you dnt gain weight that way...

yeah and highs dont help cuz insulin makes it easier to gain weight somehow  so what usually happens to me is my sugars are like 500 or 600 hudred and i give insulin then my sugar drops to like 50 or 60 and i gatta eat  it flippin sucks juiceboxes

are you on the pump or shots? I use to feel that way when I was on lantus my body is very sensitive to insulin and I was constantly low. but now I have  been on the omnipod insulin pump for about 4 months now and I maybe have a low every 2-3 days which is a relief for me since I was use to 2-3 time daily.

if you are pumping it sounds like you need to have your basil rate adjusted. have you tried the fasting bs? like skipping breakfast and checking your bs every hour to see how fast you are declining and when? if you get that info to your endo then he can help you adjust your basil rate.

Yes, I'm on a pump.  I'm really sensitive to exercise so if I walk more than usual or if I get so busy with work and don't have time to eat I end up getting low.  I'm working with my endo to make adjustments but those are usually the times where I get low all the time.  My a1c goes up so they crank up my balas and sometimes my carb ratio.  Ever since I was diagnosed it has been a challened to get things under control.  For as long as I remember my bg's have never been consistent.  When my A1c was in the 6 range it was only because my bg went from 40 to 300.  I'm working on modifying my diet to eliminate unhealthy carbs.  I even went to Rochester Mayo Clinic.  That was a lovely experience.  He was an arogent, pompus doctor who told me I was obsessive compulsive with all my basal rates (I had 5) and that all I needed was one.  He drilled me about what I knew about diabetes and said I "passed" his test.  I told him that my diabetic educator has been the one working with me setting my basal rates and he told me I was already "ruined" with wrong information.  He went on to slam all diabetic educators except Mayo's for teaching patients the wrong infromation.  Whatever.  Never went back.  So I figure if I make more cuts to my carbs that might help.