I'm thinking of getting a pump

Which ones do you recommend and why?

We're looking into this as well. Just a quick piece of advise. Health insurance carriers don't always carry all models. I got all excited about the Omnipod, then found out Kaiser doesn't cover it. So you might want to confirm with your carrier what your options are before you do too much research, as it may narrow your choices.

My dad said he is going to ask his insurance company about it, if all of the pumps were covered by our insurance which one do you think is the best?

I like the Omnipod because there's no tubing, which I am concerned will get yanked on during Sarah's activites. The next one is the Animus Ping (which is covered), because it has a separate remote with a attached meter, so it's sort of all in one. That's the one my daughter wants, so probably the one we'll get.

Yeah the omnipod seems very cool, i really wanna look into that one

It's all a matter of personal preference. For myself, I know that I would never like the omnipod, because I think it's too bulky and I don't know where I'd stick it. I have the Medtronic Paradigm 522 and I've had AWESOME support the last 4 years. If you're interested in a cgms the new Medtronic Revel looks really good. I don't have much experience with Animas, but one of their bigger features is remote bolusing, which is definitely a plus.

You just need to decide what's most important to you and weigh the pros and cons of each pump. Look up the specs on their websites to see who has what you like. Unfortunately, all the cool features aren't housed in a single pump...yet!

Yes i'm considering the medtronic as well, though i play alot of baseball so that could be an issue for me

My experience is limited, as I've only been pumping for about a day and a half!  But I wanted to mention that I chose the Animas Ping, and this is my impression as a brand new user:


  • Pretty simple and easy to learn.
  • It's cute enough that I wouldn't mind it being visible, but easy enough to hide so far.  (Currently, it's clipped to the front of my bra and totally invisible under my shirt!)
  • Also, I prefer a pump attached to tubing instead of something like the Omnipod because I can move it to wherever the most suble place might be for any outfit as soon as I pick it out.
  • The insertion didn't hurt anymore than a shot from one of my pens, and the CDE told me that the Inset 30s (the angled infusion sets) I have are less likely to kink or bend than a straight insertion set.
  • It's water proof.  My CDE said it's fine for most people to disconnect for showering or a one-hour swim, but if I discover it's best for me to stay connected there will be no problems with it.  And if I fall out of boat or drop my pump in the toilet (GROSS!), it won't be ruined.  (The meter-remote isn't water proof, though.)


  • I do not like the OneTouch strips that work with the meter remote!  They take more blood than my Freestyle strips did, and I can't add additional blood if the first sample was too small.  It just counts down immediately and gives me an error, telling me to use a new strip.  Ugh!  I'm getting the hang of judging when I have just enough blood, but it's still annoying.
  • I would love if the CGMS (Dexcom, in this case) were integrated.  They're working on doing that though, so maybe it'll happen before you buy one.  (On the flip side, the Dexcom sensor designed to be left in for SEVEN days, which is longer than any other CGMS right now.)

Thanks for the info that helps alot

I, unfortunately, can't say much about the Ping, but I've had an Animas 2020 ever since my old Animas pump stopped working. The customer service for Animas is really amazing! When my old pump broke, a rep actually took one of their like "travel" pumps to my dad's office (because it's near the Animas offices) so that I wouldn't have to go back to MDI until my new pump came.

Personally I love the animas ping, I've had it for quite some time now and like it. 


  • As said before, they are cute as far as pump cuteness goes.
  • It comes with a meter remote.
  • It's pretty simple to use


  • The meter remote does not let you suspend or use a temporary basal, you actually have to use your pump buttons for that.