I'm used to being thirsty when I'm high..but I was only at 10

I'm a little weirded out. I've had my high symptons start showing up when my blood sugar is around 12 or 14 because I've had better control, and I know as your body gets used to being in range, it stats symptons of being high at a lower level(or so that's what i've been told was happening)...but still. I had lunch at 2ish and I took enough insulin for my carb ratio(at least i think..i had to guess it)..and then i came home at 5pm, had a quick relax in bed while i chatted with my friend and then got up at 6pm, was feeling a bit thirsty but thought nothing of it. picked up my friend and went to a free strippersize class to try it out. by the end of the class, despite having had water breaks every 10mins, i was still sooooo thirsty. total cotton mouth.

i drove my friend home, did a blind shot of 6units of novorapid when i was outside her house and then drove home. tested and i was only at 10. i know i should've tested eariler, but i'm used to only getting THAT thirsty when i'm 20 or higher...even when I get high symptons at 12 or 14..i'm never as thirsty as I was. and when I've been excerising in the past at those levels, I've never gotten cotton mouth. I've still got it a bit, despite all that insulin, my sugar only being 10 and having just eaten for fear of going low with all that in my system.

could it have something to do with the wine i drank last night maybe?? i don't normally drink wine as my mom and i get instant headaches from it if it isn't 100% organic wine with no added sugar...but my friend was offering it up at her st. patty's party..and after having a sip of hers but not getting a headache..i thought a few glasses might help me sleep(i've gotten on average about 2hours of scattered sleep the last three nights in a row..except last night i managed to get 4hours). i had two and a half glasses of white wine, then came home at about 10, did my lantus and went to bed. i woke up fine this morning(if not just tired) and by 10am..had a headache, despite drinking water/tea when i got to work at 830..and my stomach was killing me. my level was at 19 when i tested at 830 at work so i had done a correction dose only, and not eaten..as i usually skip breakfast due to not being able to eat that early. when i tested at noon, my level was 8. when i tested at 2 before eating, i was at 7. i felt fine, besides the mild headache(thank god for advil).

i'm pretty confused. i've never gotten cotten mouth while excerising to that extent before, and never when my level has only been 10....

i feel like an idiot.


i just tested and i've dropped down to 2.7 despite having eaten shortly after getting home because i tested and realized i was only at 10...

I couldn't follow your numbers as they were in units I'm not used too, but I can say that for me, white wine is like drinking pop.  For some reason red wine does not have the same effect, but white wine is a crusher for me.

right i have the same problem usually cuz there aren't many canadians on here. trevor sent me this site http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/converter.htm to help with that :)

the levels i mentioned:

2.7 = 48.6

10 = 180

12 = 216

14 = 252

19 = 342

I'm going to blame it on the white wine then! haha.