I'm very thankful for this forum

This is not a discussion topic but I wanted to say how thankful I am for this forum. I appreciate first-hand user feedback and contributions when I’m doing research; and I am very greatful for all the kindness and occasional tough love people share here.
I wish everyone the best. Thank you.


Sure it is @wadawabbit. Having a chronic disease can make a person feel isolated and even resentful. Being thankful and grateful is a great way to turn that around. I am also grateful for the entire community and for people talking about their own truths in treating diabetes. For everyone contributing, this is a place where you get back 10x more than you put in. So thank you!


@wadawabbit, I am very thankful you share your knowledge and experience here. Without the wise, tempered counsel you provide many would miss out on a great repository of knowledge.

Thank you for all YOU share.


I am so grateful as well for this forum. It has genuinely helped in so many ways and it is always my go to when I am struggling or uncertain about things. Cheers to a great holidays season and a fantastic New Year(hopefully😳)


I couldn’t agree more. Reading the questions and answers has helped me more than I can express. It’s also so so comforting to know I can ask questions and get answers from people who’ve dealt with T1D for longer than my daughter has.
A thousand thanks!

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