Implanted glucose sensor


Interesting article on a potential new device that could be implanted to sense glucose.

If you look through the comments you will notice some by a person called Sarah Mom that is trying to educate everyone that Type 1 and Type 2 are the same disease with just different causes. She has type 2. I don't feel like getting involved in the argument.



oh geez. that 'sarah mom' just opened a can of worms on juvenation.

but way cool device! i'd be down for an implantable one if the technology was shown to be fairly reliable/accurate!

ahahah i saw that article too! i think thats so sick!

Since I'm a new diabetic they actually educate you on the sensor if you you ask about it. I don't have it yet but we are looking into to it. It's suppose to be pretty reliable and accurate it takes your blood sugars every 3 minutes I believe, you still have to use your meter though for if you it says your low or if you feel low but it's trying to make it where you have to stick yourself less.

Thanks for posting this article.  This sounds awesome.  It's what if anyone has seen some of my other posts is what I've been clammoring for.  An implantable CGM type device so you don't have to stab yourself every 3 days etc.  Hopefully it will be successful.

I think this is awesome! It would be so much easier for us diabetes who don't like to check our b/s in public! I would love to see the FDA approve it and trials start on humans--sign me up!

I saw a story on this on the Sunday morning news, channel 7 in Los Angeles.  They really missed the boat on reporting it.  What they described was pretty much a continuous glucose monitor.  They made it sound as if that is what it was.  Not one that needs changed only once a year.  I emailed them after the story aired and told them I already had what they reported.  I told them they needed a bit more detail because the device I use already did what they remarked as new technology.  I found out more about the device by going on the internet.  But TV news just doesn't get it!

Where can I sign up for this trial?! I would love to not have to worry about new sites, accidentally ripping the (very expensive) sensor off, etc.

Also, I bet this one would itch less.