Impotence - men only

I am curiuos to know if there are many T1s that suffer from impotence?  You always hear about diabetics and their troubles with erections.  Does anyone have any input???

Reason I ask, since being a T1 for the last 3yrs I have noticed that I do not get erections anywhere near like I used to.  In the sense of you know "strength" behind it.  I get erections no doubt but they just dont seem to be as robust.  Is it possible that it is more of a psyc thing??  Afterall, I am pretty pissed about being a T1.  I am on injections, and do not have any pump in the way type of problems.

I was having trouble with horrible neuropathy so a very smart  pharmacist told me to take 1000 mcg of Vitamin B-12  and 250 mg of Magnesium every 12 hours  in order to keep them at high levels.   The neuropathy has disappeared, my eye sight has greatly improved and my erections are really stif!!!   What a Pharmacist!!!!!   (Vitamin B-12 repairs the outer layer of the nurves)

Whoa!  Good deal.

I ended up going to a few doctors about this.  It all boiled down to stress and diabetic depression.  All the doctors were tripping out too because my testosterone was way above high normal.  Mainly from diet and exercise, I dont take any enhancement drugs for weight training.

So since the advice of relax and kill stress levels I have been doing Awesome.  Back in the game.

Damn, diabetes gets me down and depressed from time to time which I need to get over!!!!



Hey Phill,

Glad to hear things are back to normal!

My response would have been that you're just psyching yourself out - I have definitely had those times...luckily I had just started dating the woman I was to marry when I was diagnosed, so I had her 'understanding' when things didn't work as planned.

Diabetes sucks...that's for sure, but it's completely manageable, and if we die and the worst that's happened to us is a broken pancreas? I'll be happy with that.

Good Luck!

I've heard this too, but another thing might be that it could be age related. Males hit their "sexual peak" at 18 years old. It could just be a natural part of either way. Glad you seem to have remedied the issue

I've been T1 for over 20 years now.  Other than normal impotence reasons (nerves, too much drinking, etc), the only other times I've had a problem is when my blood sugar goes low.  Unfortunately, when I first hook up with a new girl the anticipation can send my blood sugar down.  Which sucks! But 90% girls could really care less. If they like you, they're usually fine with waiting a few hours or until the morning.

I've even gotten laid practically because I was diabetic.  Some chicks get turned on by needles and dudes with conditions.  What can I say? Girls are crazy and I'm more than happy to oblige them.  Seriously, take your shots and test out in the open at parties and such.  You'd be amazed.  Everyone else seems boring and lame when your shooting up or pricking your finger.

Without a doubt, your issues are in your head . . . the one you use to think ;)

Viagra used to work, now it really does not. Becoming a phys issue for me as a man (50) My wife wants, but I struggle. Low T, Diabetes, Enlarged prostate. What am I to do?

I’ve been T1D for almost 40 yrs. and I suffer from impotence. I’ve tried Cialis and that barely worked. My testosterone levels are where they should be but I’ve lost even the interest in sex. I don’t get erect but I can ejaculate ( but it takes quite awhile ). I’m just glad I already have a son & I’m with a woman who understands & we work around it.