In college, and my numbers are all over the chart

i've been in college for a year now and my numbers have been all over the charts. i don't know if it's because i am stressed from school or if i'm not eating right. but i always seem to be high in the morning and low by night time.

anyone experiencing the same thing?

also just throwing this out there, i've had diabetes for 12 years.

Are you on a pump or taking shots?  If you are doing shots you could probably increase your long acting to prevent the highs in the morning, then take less insulin at dinner so that you don't go so low later.  I am not on a pump so I can't offer any advice there.  I was opposite before- low in the morning all the time and high right after dinner.  I switched my lantus to take it in the morning so that I wasn't low in the morning and in the middle of the night.  A nurse at the diabetes clinic here told me that blood sugars are usually higher in the morning because when you wake up you get a huge surge of hormones (this is why they recommend taking your long acting at night before bed).  Not sure if any of this helps.'s totally normal. School adds stress. If you are working at the same time, that also adds more stress. If you live on your own and have to pay bills..that's also stress.

When I went back to college for my admin diploma, I was working two part-time jobs(working 6-7days a week), attending school full time(4hours a day, 5days a week..for 8months straight) and I was living with two of my friends so I had rent and food and all of that to pay for. I also, like most young people, did a lot of socializing(4nights+ a week). I usually worked, then went to school, then worked, then socialized at least 5-6days a levels were often all over the place...though mine tended to be lower(though rarely below 8) in the morning, high at night*due to late night snacking and booze).

When you add stuff like school or jobs that aren't set times like 930-530 adds a lot of stress to your body because you're getting weird amounts of sleep, you have deadlines that cause stress and it also fucks with your eating(mine still is haha) because you aren't always able to eat at the same time every day.

It's normal, and the best you can do is try and fix it as you go day by day. If you're high in the morning, maybe you need more insulin before bed. I would talk to you endo about possibly uping your evening dose.

Are morning and evening the only problems?  If lows are at night before bed and highs in morning, the correction you give to the lows could be too much (or hormones).  Everything is important here.  Has your diet changed? Smoking? Drinking? Exercise?  Too long between meals?  School is stress, but I noticed a better diet and more aggressive glucose testing were most helpful for me.

Yea I agree with what everyone else said pretty much. I know when I was in college, and still now while I'm doing my internship, by blood sugars are somewhat up and down. I know I'm easily affected by stress so my glucose can change in an instant. I need to start doing yoga or something, lol. So many factors could be affecting it. Maybe write down a food, medication, and glucose log for a week and fax it to your endocrinologist's office to look at. I know mine allows me to send my numbers and then they will call me in a day or two to give me some suggestions. Make sure you are eating consistent, balanced meals that aren't more than 2-4 hours apart. Also, maybe check yourself in the middle of the night before you go to bed, at 12am, at 2am, etc to see where you are dropping so you can adjust insulin doses based on the time when your sugar is spiking. If you are on the pump you may just need to adjust your basal rate. I had one basal for school and one for over the summer when I was home. Hope that helps, good luck!