In Her Witness


Not feeling sorry for herself

but hugging the bear closer

something about her serenity

the way she is carrying herself

A witness in her manner

believing in God’s goodness

in the certainty of her walk

sharing herself openly

submitting to the process

this is part of her life

Watching too her speaking,

her every move announcing

whose she is and why she is starting

down this new path on her journey



August 19, 2010

Ruth’s post on her blog,

“A Lesson from Shyanne”

and the poem below

(written independent of each other)


A Wrinkle in the Road


The words sinking in

“Shyanne has diabetes”

something unwelcome

ringing in my ear

a change forever

of our lives, our family

controlling carbs

and facing needles


So many voices

lifting prayers for her

love pouring out

pouring over us

many voices

in distant places even

wrapping her, wrapping us

in God’s eternal love


August 19, 2010