In Need of a Diabetes Case Manager or Great Doctor for an Adult with Type I in Philly


I am new to this site and seeking resources for my adult brother with Type I Diabetes.

He was diagnosed while in college and has never really gotten a handle on his diabetes. He is in need of a new doctor and I think he would really benefit from some sort of case manager if that option is available through his doctor's office or a community-based organization. 

I am wondering if anyone has had an experience with a diabetes case manager and if so, could share your experience and the contact information. 

My brother lives in Philadelphia. If anyone has familiarity with good doctors/resources in the area, please share! 

Thanks for your help!


Try the hospital they usually offer good information and classes

Find out which doctors are covered under his insurance options and then start calling their offices.  Explain to the staff who make appointments what your brother's situation is and ask for their advice on the best doctor.  Usually an endocrinologist or internist will be the most helpful for a type 1.

Frankly, I've learned more from books than I have from doctors.  Most good diabetes books are written by diabetics who are physicians, exercise physiologists, and/or diabetes educators.  My top list is:

Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner

50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life; And the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It by Riva Greenberg

Using Insulin by John Walsh

Pumping Insulin by John Walsh

The Diabetic Athlete by Sheri Colberg

There are a bunch more at this link.


I live in the Philly area and go to the Rodebaugh Diabetes Center at the U. of Penn.  I have been happy with my care there and would recommend it.