In need of a new endo!

So I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago... at 18. I first had a nurse practitioner that specialized in juvenile diabetes. However, once I expressed interest in an insulin pump, she suggested changing to an adult nurse practitioner therefore I could get one sooner. I did this 8 months after being diagnosed (January of this year). I absoutely LOVE my new nurse practitioner. She's amazing! This is why I was heartbroken to hear that she is taking a "better opportunity" and will be leaving as of Dec. 1st.

Which means as of Dec. 1st all my current prescriptions are expired. Therefore I need to find a new endo or nurse practitioner (specializing in diabetes). 

How do I even go about doing this? I tried searching online, however, its not giving me much hope, however, perhaps I'm looking in the wrong spot.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Often, transferring medical professionals will find people they feel comfortable recommending and your current practitioner may have some advice for you.  That said, another good place to start is:  Endo's who are members of the AACE just have the degree and have joined the organization - so... you still will need to do some research - but, as starting points go, it should at least find providers who are near to you...  I am sure some others will have some more (and likely better) advice, too...

Please keep us posted as you go and if you find any other good lists/resources for tracking down good T1 talent!




Good advice - the practioner you are seeing now should have suggestions, as I'm sure you're not the only one of their patients who will need to find someone new!  Just thought I would throw it out there, I see an Internist instead of an Endo.  The only reason, though, is that there are only 2 Endo's in Lincoln, I've been to both, and totally didn't agree with how either one handled my care.  Much, much happier now that I've found an Internist who works with T1's.

Best of luck!