In need of G5 Sensors

I’m needing G5 Dexcom sensors for for sons GCM if anyone has recently upgraded to the G6 and possible has any G5 sensors leftover or if you have some extras I could really use them for my sons G5 CGM I’m down to the last one and can’t afford to pay full price for these . Hoping to to get a better insurance plan soon but until then if anyone could donate one I’ll pay for shipping or I do have other diabetic supplies I could trade you if your in need of what I do have extras of . Thank you so much !

Hello. I am new to this site, but just registered because I do have one unopened G5 Dexcom Sensor that I am looking to give away. I have switched to G6. I am happy to mail it to you in a padded envelope if you would like it. Is there a way to PM on here so you can send me your mailing address?

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Thank you Thank you your AWESOME and yes my address is

Crystal Martin

264 Holly Hills Rd

Cameron NC 28326

I can send you the cost of shipping just let me know how much and if you have a pay pal account I can send it to you that way unless you can think of another way to Reimburse you for the shipping because I would hate for you to have to pay for shipping after you’re done eating just answer to me that is awfully generous and I greatly do appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. PayPal is the only thing I can think of as a way to send someone money but if there’s another way I’ll be happy to send it.

Thank you that was so nice and kind of you to take time out of your day to send me a message and then willing to donate so my child can keep his CGM going and I have peace of mind that just really means so much !


Okay, great! I will get it in the mail tomorrow. Kind of you to offer to reimburse me, but it won’t take much postage at all. Wish I had more than one to share with you. I hope you will be able to find others who can help you as well. Best to you and your family.

Thanks, Dennis, for the welcoming message and the info!

Thank you so very much

And one sensoryou is absolutely wonderful bc your giving me peace of mind for a week and ave myth my son over 30 finger pricks . So I’m very Thankful to get the sensor from you

N mmml I’

Crystal, new box of 4 on its way! Shipping is my treat.

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Thank you soooo much your awesome I appreciate this so much you have no idea how much . Thank you

Thank you so much I honestly appreciate this more than you know . I will pay it forward when I’m in a better position to do so . God Bless You for your kindness


Are you still in need of sensors… just switched to dex 6…have 4…

YES PLEASE I CAN USE THEM !!! I have two but those will quickly get used . I can pay for shipping and something for them just let me know and I’ll send it through pay pal if that’s ok.

Address is :

264 Holly Hills rd

Cameron NC 28326

I appreciate you kindly taking the time out of your day to send me a message and remembering I could use them for my son CGM which is a life saver. That means so much you have no idea.

Looks like I have three…I will get them out today or tomorrow…do you know how to re start the same sensor ??
Glad to help…

I have one unopened G5 sensor and also 2 transmitters (if you have any need for them. I will put them in the package.)
Will try to get it sent out within the next couple of days.
Take care of your lovely children💕

Heidi (T1 diabetic for 35 years and so grateful for the technology we have now)

Hi Crystal
I also have upgraded to the G6 sensor. I have a box of 4 to share. Let me know if you still need them.

Oh I didn’t know you could restart the same sensor I thought once it stopped on you it was just stop because sometimes I don’t always get the full week sometimes it’s 5days I know sometimes I’ll have to work with this home and it’ll keep saying calibrate it and I can get it back going and then sometimes it won’t but yeah there’s a trick please let me know and I really do appreciate this and I will be happy to pay shipping and stuff so let me know how to send it to you I just hate for it to cost you anything to do something kind.

Thank you Heidi that is so kind of you I really do appreciate it more than you’ll ever know . The CGM has been a lifesaver And has really helped me get a good nights rest because after he had a seizure in the middle of the night while sleeping I literally have been Restless when he doesn’t have the CGM onBecause it gives me peace of mind knowing it will set off an alarm to wake me up before he ever reaches the point of having a seizure so anyway I know you understand all these things since you’ve been a type1 for so long. This has been the most helpful thing is communicating with others who have personal experience as a Type1 or a parent of a child with type 1 . The support has been very helpful so I’m glad that I signed up to the community. I will be happy to reimburse you for shipping as well I hate for it to cost you anything at all considering you are taking time out of your day to send me those which is very kind of you I can send it if you have a PayPal account I’ll be happy to do that just let me know the PayPal address and the amount and I will be happy to do so I really appreciate you messaging me this means a lot And hopefully when our nation gets through all that we’re going through things get back to normal maybe I can find a better insurance coverage for him but this is so helpful anyway I just can’t thank you enough

You can google how to restart a dex 5 sensor …when your receiver says to change sensor… don’t change it just restart… There will be a two hour warm-up and you might have to calibrate a little more frequently …if the readings are too far off of the calibrations I wouldn’t keep using that sensor I would change it …for the most part they’re pretty accurate but the first two or three days you might have to calibrate more frequently … (If your child is very young they may not like getting finger stuck a lot so I wouldn’t do it.)…I would look up how to change a Dexcom five sensor hack… it’ll pretty much tell you what to do… I wouldn’t do it all the time but when you’re looking to save some money and get new insurance it might be good to do for a while …but just watch the numbers and re-calibrate frequently if needed
It’s not recommended by the American diabetes Association but Many people do restart an old sensor…My insurance covers it 100% I’m pretty fortunate the reason why I have extras is because I am very thin and it’s hard to find a good spot on me and when I get a good spot I restart it … I don’t do it often but it does work…I don’t know if you’re able to upgrade to a dex six when you get insurance but I find that that works perfectly for me my readings are almost spot on to my fingersticks Let me know how you make out…

Yes I sure could use them that would be wonderful you have no idea how much I appreciate You taking the time to message me because I really do need these for my son it’s so helpful so this means way more than you’ll ever know God bless you . Please let me know

what I owe you to ship them to me I can pay through pay pal I would just need your pay pal address if that’s ok .

My Address is :

Crystal Martin

264 Holly Hills rd

Cameron NC 28326

Thank you thank you THIS MADE MY DAY!

This is awesome information I will certainly be looking it up and trying because that could give him more days having it than not when I can’t purchase them he just has to go without it so getting any extra amount of time would be great . He is 12yrs old and it helps me keep a better eye on his blood sugars with all the eating & growing he is doing . I’ve not gone to the G6 yet bc of obvious reasons it’s so much more for the darn sensors. Any way I really appreciate your time and how kind you are to offer those . You’ve give me peace of mind for another few weeks so I’m grateful !