In the grocery store

I was just wondering what sugarfree(SF)  products you really like. I found some SF chocolate chips made by Hershey. I haven't tried them yet, but I think they'll be good! I also like the Russell Stover SF candy.

Just remember just because its sugar free doesnt mean its carb free, be sure to check.

Hmm, I think the only sugar free products in my life are the beverages!  ... but still, I hope those cookies you purchased are delicious :)

I know about the carbs. I always check.

I like sugar free pudding and jello (with whipped cream).



I also love the jello and pudding. I also found some sugar free Marshmallow filled chocolate santas. Mmmmm!

Hi, I really like the sugar-free LifeSavers and mints.  The sugar-free popsicles are really good too.  I have also found sugar-free oatmeal cookies, chocolate covered graham crackers, and lemon cookies that I really like.  Do you have horses? I saw that you would rather be in a stall than at the mall.  That's me too. 

I love my sugar free (Canderel) chocolates hehe. I prefer them from normal ones now :P

We like to use stevia! It is an awesome product. No bad side efects. We buy the flavored stuff and add it to his water.  You can use it in mant ways.

I like to scream in the Safeway to my mom.


Then she yells at me to shut up.

And the cookies are pretty good.

I like most sugarfree things. After a while I just can't eat that really sugary food nowadays.


I prefer sugar.  I love dark chocolate so much.  MmMmMmMmMm.  Just count your carbs!

I guess 32 years of living with type 1 has permanently altered my taste buds, but I don't have a unusual affinity for sweet deserts and things like that, but I do like my coffee.  Perhaps some of this comes from the fact that when I was little, the only sugar-free stuff on the market was made with Sweet & Low and tasted toxic, then newer varieties were sweetened with sorbitol which can only be enjoyed in extremently limited quantities.  However, I do enjoy my coffee and have found a few items that are pretty good, including Splenda Flavors for Coffee (e.g. Hazelnut, Mocha, French Vanilla and Cinnamon Spice).  Alternatively, there are also sugar free syrups from DaVinci Gourmet (available by mail-order), they have a number of great flavors but I think my fav so far is Peppermint Paddy!  In spite of the no-carb claims, however, I always have to dose/bolus for coffee with the syrups more than I would for coffee with a little bit of milk, but everyone's experience will be different.

personally, i am against all things sugar-free.  i mean, if you can eat sugar, why bother with sugar-free??  i'd rather eat natural sugar than artificial sugar, although when i was on shots i did have stuff like crystal light and sugar-free popsicles because i couldn't eat the regular versions.  and i still like crystal light lemonade, though i rarely drink it. 

the only thing i like that's sugar free are the drinks like diet drinks, crystal light, and water.

but for the food variety. i only like those wafer cookie things. yum. :D

Same here- the only sugar-free stuff I like is diet soda. So often, the carbs are virtually the same in the sugar-free versions, I figure why bother?

Personally, I've been nuts about nuts lately!  When I get the urge to snack, I've been reaching for walnuts, almonds, pecans, whatever I can find.  Of course, when they are still in the shell, even better!

When it comes to SF candy i avoid them alll or try to. The other side of the SF products is not always the best feeling. The drinks I can handle but once you go into chocolate you are messing with something sacred.

sf ice cream  and reeses

I have yet to find anything sugar free that isn't lower in carbs. I usually just go for the regular item (like a candy bar) since the carb ratio is almost the same for some of them.

I prefer the real stuff! I've found that sugar free products often don't taste as good (example: when I've tried to bake cookies using Splenda), and many of the sugarfree candies cause diarrhea. Also, there are some SF items that are loaded with fat and calories. I prefer to eat the regular stuff, but just in moderation.