In the hospital :-(

Gavi's numbers are high enough for his endo. to have him hospitalized so he can start Novolog. He had a few numbers in the 400's over the past fwe days, but his numbers have mainly been in the 300's. a few in the 200's. He had his first Novolog shot right after he started eating. He was not a happy camper, the needle seems thicker than the ones we have at home. His endo. said since we already have a jumpstart with the educations, he may be here only about 2-3 days just so we can get the dosage right for the Novolog. He is such a brave kid.

Sorry to hear it. ): Hopefully it's just the hospital needles are bigger, and you'll get smaller ones from the pharmacy at home.

Sorry to hear this. I didn't realize he would have to be admitted when he finally started Novolog. But that is probably easier for the hospital to do the education and a little less nerve wracking for you since you'll have a little help watching him as he gets started. I'm sure it is just the syringe they used, you can use the same type of syringes for both Lantus and Novolog. But you could ask if they have a finer guage syringe!

I asked if we can bring syringes from home, and they were okay with it. Plus, the needles they have here don't have half unit markings and we give him 1.5 units of Lantus in the morning, we pretty much had no choice! He's not happy about getting more shots (what 4 yr old would?) but I can tell he feels better when his blood sugar is in more of a normal range. Before bed tonight it was 144 and he was in such a great mood, which is a huge change from how he's been.