In the Hospital :(

I was put in the hospital yesterday due to early symptoms of pre-eclampsia. My doctor is trying to get me to stay here for 10 days before he induces me on October 17th, unless my pre-e suddenly gets much worse and then he would induce sooner. I am so excited to meet my babygirl in only 10 days! And she will be here in time for Halloween! But this being in the hospital stuff just stinks :( Lonely and bored

That's a bummer to be bed bound.  Think you're being super smart to stay in the hospital as long as possible to monitor the preeclampsia and keep you both healthy.  

This may not help, but maybe you could do things that you never have time for.  Like writing your grandma a letter, organizing papers from home, or dealing with the giant stack of photos that you've always meant to put in albums.  Trust me, once your baby girl arrives you won't have time for stuff like that for a while!  

With my son I started the tradition of writing him a letter each year on his birthday, recapping things he liked, new accomplishments, and funny stories.  I'm putting the letters into an album for him along with pics from that year.  He's a boy, so this may not mean much to him.  But his future wife or kids might like it and I'm grateful to have the memories since the time goes by so quickly.  Maybe you could write your daughter a letter during this time, when you're so excited to meet her.  

Since being the the hospital so long can be weird, it's important to keep positive music, books, etc. around you.   If you are a person of faith, this is a great time for you to seek out Bible studies.  I love the ones on the YouVersion Bible app.  

Take care and congratulations on your baby.  Once she is born the whole pregnancy will seem like it was over in the blink of an eye.  Then the good part begins!