In the right place at the right time!

We had an up down day. Today was Ethans check up with his endo. We generally like these visits. His A1c, was 8. We want it to be better. But, we did have about three weeks of illness. So, o.k.  i accept it. We ask about a cgm trail. We have been wanting one for some time, but finances did not allow it. Insurance will not pay for it. so the doc asks and guess what....... the reps were there doing another set up and brought an extra one! HOw perfect is that! They set us up and tonight, we start. I have perma grin.

So, I was wondering anyone else use a cgm? If you do what type? Do you like it? Any advise?

 If you do not use one , do you have interest? Why or Why not?

Oh the down part of the up day. I recieved a call in the AM that avery close cousin of mine was being rushed in for emergency surgery, She has cancer in her stomach. Very sad. After the appt. In the same hospital we went to see her and they were able to remove all the cancer and she will be fine! Up, down, and now on top of the world. God is smiling on me today! Just wanted to share.

I have a CGM I use the MInimed. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It buzzes A LOT and it can be a bit much at times but it really gets some good data and catches trends.