In what thread was your first "Juvenation" post?

I went back in my records, thinking it would be "What was your last blood sugar?" knowing that is a nice place to start out, to put something about myself, that other type 1s such as all of you would not judge me for, no matter what my reading was. 

But I was surprised to find I started my own thread for my first post.   It was "The most times you've tested your blood sugar in one day..."

So where was your first post?  Where did you test the water?


I started my own thread in the parents group for my first post. "I don't know if I should put my 3-year-old on the pump."

I found amazing support from the other parents and I was hooked on Juvenation. :)

Good topic idea!

Mine was expressing my dislike of the Cozmo insulin pump being discontinued.  Now that I've made the switch to the Animas Ping, I kind of laugh at this post...  the Ping has been better in lots of ways.  I guess everything happens for a reason!

My second post was about how I was going to do a half-marathon "a year from now"... which now, is in about 2 1/2 months!  I forgot I had posted it, and it was nice to go back over the responses people had.  Gave me some more ideas, and things to try that I originally didn't think would work.

my first post was on a thread talking about high BGs and cereal. cereal has been my nemesis for several years. for whatever reason it makes my BGs wacky. someone else had started a topic about it, so i was relieved to see others had the same problem. hard to believe that was 3400 posts ago! haha.

I started on the thread of where are you, and moved on to a thread about showing and explainging the pump. And now I am all over the place!!!!

Mine was mini stroke and type 1. Hoping to find someone in a similar situation as me. Only 1 person had replied they too had a mini stroke. That's a very good thing but I wish I had someone to compare stories with though.

 I appreciate the support and communication on this site !!

I started in the "introductions" thread I think. Then I decided to spread my awesomeness all over the rest of the site! :D

/ i keed

Me too, the introductions.

I think we should resurrect that thread, which is probably long dead! I mean I can stalk it out in my profile.