In your face!

Alright so my endocrinologist broke up with me last monday... cuz i haven't made enough progress in the past 3 years...


i just go my lab results, and my A1C (still not where i want it...) is better that it has been in the last 3 years:

7.5 (down from 8.2)

i'm shooting up (lame diabetes joke) for anything 6.9 and lower, and i'm getting there (slowly but surely)

I just wanna say, Doc, In your face! 

Good for you!!! And best of luck

Take it from someone who spent most of her childhood with the same warped endo...

It's probably for the best!

I don't know if your life is anything like mine, but what I do which helps my control is hook the supplies to a small and easy to grab a small lanyarded wallet, etc...then it's not so hard to scramble and remember to check while life happens.

May your journey to better A1C's be peaceful and full of joy, and may all your future endocrinologists be bright because some endo's are definitely not.

I'm sorry you had to deal with one of the lousy endocrinologists. I hear rumors about good ones. For now, and for the last four years, I have made do with my internist.

I've never heard of this, but as others said, it's for the best if you find a better endo. I mean, in the 7's and coming down?? It sounds like you're on the right track, so I don't see what the problem is!

Jessica - Congrats on your a1c, it can be slow going with your sugars from time to time. I am glad that the number is trending down, but saddened that your break up has happened. Have you started a quest for a new endo. or you going to wait a few weeks? If nothing else if you have a general physician you see maybe they can reccomend a new endo for you or try to reach out to the local JDRF or diabetes community to find out who a good endo is. Hopefully one that does not break up with you.

I haven't started  a quest for a new endo, yet.  There are 3-4 other doctors in his practice, and I might try one of them.  I actually "shopped around" for a while before setteling on this one.  We'll see how thigns go.  Right now I'm just focused on keeping my sugars in better control.  one finger-stick at a time!

If you go to someone else in the same practice, they'll see your chart with the crazy one's notes. So, you should probably be open when you first meet with the new one if it's in the same practice, so they don't label you as difficult just because it didn't work out w/ the other doc.

Good point, Sarah!  I haven't always been open and honest with all my doctors in the past, but it didn't take me long to realize that lying to them didn't help me or them at all.  Sorry in advance for the lame cliche, but Honesty is the best policy!  :-P

There is no lameness if it is the truth. Honesty is usually what works the best. Especially when it comes to our medical care, yet we still sometimes will not think about that. Whoever you end up going to start the relationship with your best foot forward. If you don't like him or her than lie... Kidding.

Brian, I would never lie!  What do you take me for?  A bad diabetic? :-P

thats awesome!

keep it up! im in a similar situation as you, my a1cs have been shooting up

and my doc is "disappointed" in me  :P

well i  just wanna say to him -- hello! im going thru a life transition! (college) so what do you expect?!! of course im overwhelmed and not really focusing on my numbers and counting and all that. im stressing and im trying to plan my future! dont you think that wld have some affect on my numbers?!!! geeze >:/

*sorry i just had to let that out. phewww  -___-  but im getting there.