Inconsistency across different meeters

My son's honeymoon phase recently ended. Now with a lot more BG fluxuation, we have begun double checking some higher numbers. Recently we tried four different meeters within a five minute span and got four very different numbers (range from 187 to 256). Does anyone have preferences for meeters, especially something that has shown to be accurate and consistent?

Hi Stephen,

Meters are only giving you a close guess regardless of the brand you go with. Check out this link from earlier this Summer.

Also, you might want to read the instructions for a control solution test and blood glucose test for each glucometer, and perform a control test before this blood sugar testing battery.  Instructions vary from meter to meter, and user error increases the differences between laboratory and home glucometer test results.

Thanks for the NY Times link. I didn't realize the error could be as high a 20 percent. I appreciate the helpful posts.

i had this same problem when my honeymoon ended in early july. i had two one touch minis, one onetouch ultra 2 (brand new), and a precision test xtra. i was getting results anywhere froom 100 to 300 in hte same finger prick. i ended up using the onetouch ultra 2 b/c it was brand new (just got it)

my insurance has a nurse that calls me and my parents every month to see how we are doing and she  recommended this :

when you go to get your a1c done, bring all the meters and when you prick your finger for the a1c, put a drop of blood on each test strip and see what the blood sugars are. when they give you the a1c result, ask for the blood sugar as well. compare the blood sugar from them to what your meter says and then see which was the closest and that one is working

i thought all of my meters were broken so i stopped using the ones i thought were broken