Indie Rock

Favorite Bands? Favorite Songs? Lets get some diabetic indie rockers in here. My favorite bands at the moment are Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, New Pornographers, Dirty Projectors, The Mummers, Bjork, The Smiths, Ra Ra Riot, Grizzly Bear, The Decembrist, AC Newman, Thee Oh Sees, Devotchka, Death Cab For Cutie (if that counts), Radiohead, Andrew Bird, Stars, Bon Iver, Yo La Tango, Passion Pit, MGMT, Dan Deacon, and so so much more. Anyway please discuss this amazing genre of music. 

i have some sufjan stevens, the decemberists, andrew bird, and mgmt. i wouldn't count death cab for cutie or radiohead, but that's just me. i have some of those bands too.


i like them. i don't listen to mgmt all that often because i get bored with it. i don't have a lot of andrew bird because his music is really hit and miss for me. i have some yo la tengo, but i'm blanking on what song it is.

Yeah I don't really listen to that much MGMT I just knew about them before anyone so they kinda have a place in my hear. I did forget some of my favorites though. NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL and Broken Social Scene. Neutral Milk Hotel are gods. Seriously Jeff Magnum created indie rock. Monster of Floks song Dear God is pretty cool. And for Broken Social Scene there just insane 

what about THE ANTLERS!<3 Hospice is soo great.

DCFC, Devotchka, Bjork ... lovvee. and the OLD arctic monkeys. their new album dissapointed me,

of Montreal, my old roommate got me started on them

I LOVE the Dirty Projectors, I just saw an amazing show of theirs about a month ago.

Otherwise- Animal Collective, Bon Iver, Islands, Why?, Neutral Milk Hotel, Joanna Newsom, Mates of State, Ratatat, and The Strokes are some more good ones (not that I know if all of those can be considered indie rock bands, but who knows for sure)